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The holiday season is approaching at the speed of light and we’re ready to celebrate! Bring on the holiday desserts, traditions, festivals, parties, and holiday dresses. In the words of Rafiki, the baboon, “It is time.” 

Though our excitement for holiday celebrations knows no bounds, we also can’t hold back our love of winter fashion. Coats, boots, and sweaters all get us amped for the season. But what should we wear to holiday events and occasions? Thermal leggings? Another pair of black boots? Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe can’t shine! Here are the top 2022 fashion trends for winter and how to plan the best holiday outfits for any upcoming party. 

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What are the top fashion trends for winter 2022? 

Wrap Skirts

  • Don’t let winter weather stop you from rocking a mini skirt. Skirts with a wraparound tie are a stylish way to wear the Y2K trend this season. If it’s too cold for comfort, pair it with tights and your favorite pair of boots! 

Colorful Boots

  • Saturated hues are trending this season. What better way to incorporate them into your wardrobe than with your shoes? Shoe brands in all price ranges are designing their winter collections in vibrant yellows, pinks, blues, and more. Pick your favorite shade and stand out among the sea of black and brown boots this year!

Printed Pants 

  • After a year of solid colored, cozy loungewear, print is back. Now, however, they’re not only on tops and holiday dresses—they’re on pants. From floral and swirl patterns to snake and cow prints, there are plenty of ways to make some seriously trendy outfits with printed pants. They’ll look great paired with both other prints and solid tops. 

Metallics and Sequins

  • The holiday season is the perfect time to add some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe. This 1920’s-inspired trend is great for a holiday cocktail party or New Year celebration. For an everyday look that balances dressy and casual, pair your sequined or metallic tops with solid, tailored bottoms or jeans.

Feather and Fringe Trim

  • Stylish fringe and feather trims are yet another nod to the 20’s. Wear fringe-trimmed jackets and holiday dresses, or pieces with feather-trimmed cuffs and lapels for an effortlessly stylish look.  

Bundle and Save

What are the fashion color trends for winter 2022?

Though wintertime is usually associated with dark or neutral colors and jewel tones, cold weather doesn’t mean you have to wear subdued hues. Saturated brights and pastel colors are trending for winter 2022. Trendy brights for the season are rich colors that give your favorite jewel tones a boost. Marigold, magenta, cerulean, and bubblegum pink are a great way to make a statement in winter weather. Take your outfits up a notch by mixing and matching your brights to create unique (and fashionable) color combinations!

Pastels have been upgraded from Easter colors to everyday colors. Cantaloupe, lavender, powder blue, pale peach, and butter yellow are all great colors that will brighten up any winter day!

What do you wear for a Hanukkah celebration?

There are no traditional outfits or required clothing for Hanukkah. That being said, you can wear whatever you choose! A long-sleeve maxi or mini dress or pant suit are great options for the holiday. You can also wear blue and white, the official colors of Hanukkah. Our recommendation, regardless of your choice of top or bottoms, is to rock a pair of white boots! They’re on-trend, a way to incorporate Hanukkah colors into your outfit, and are perfect for a fashion rule-breaker. 

What should I wear to a holiday party or dinner? 

One of our favorite outfit combinations for holiday parties is an oversized boyfriend blazer, bodycon dress, and boots! It’s simple, yet stylish enough to wear to a casual holiday occasion. 

A slinky slip dress, coat, and heels is a classic outfit that is great for dressier events. We also recommend a coat, bodysuit, and pants combination for these types of occasions. However, for black tie and formal events, opt for a formal evening gown or your fanciest cocktail dress, respectfully. 

What should I wear for New Years Eve 2022?

Holiday dresses for New Year’s Eve are often embellished with sequins or have shiny, metallic fabric—one of the top winter 2022 fashion trends! A glittery, sparkling look is one of the easiest ways to make a statement for New Year’s Eve. We also love lustrous silk or satin tops and holiday dresses, leather coats or jackets, and statement accessories. For more casual celebrations, opt for a chenille or fuzzy sweater and jeans! 

Do I have to wear a bra with an evening gown?

Depending on the type of occasion and the dress you’re wearing, you may not have to wear a bra! Here’s how to choose the proper undergarments for your dress and event: 

  1. Breast support is a must for formal events. If a basic underwire bra isn’t an option for your outfit, we recommend Nippies Skin pasties stickers for easy, comfortable support that offers complete coverage and prevents fashion mishaps! For casual or semi formal occasions, you can go braless if your dress allows. 
  2. A bra is usually a no-go for a backless dress. However, there are plenty of options if you prefer breast coverage or support. Opt for a backless bra, a silicone adhesive bra, fashion tape, or a pair of nipple pasties

What can I use to cover my nipples?

If you need to keep your nipples covered for an upcoming holiday event or if you’re a member of the no bra club, Nippies breast pasties are the fashion solution you need! 

Nippies Skin

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Nippies Basic

  • The Nippies Basic nipple pasties come in stylish heart and cross-shaped designs with sultry satin and lace textures. Like the Nippies Style collection, they are waterproof and feature soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric. They’re the perfect choice for pairing with a flashy New Year dress or top. Why not bring in 2022 with a bold statement? 

Final Thoughts

With winter 2022 comes some of the year’s boldest trends. Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to enter your winter cocoon. Bright colors, vibrant prints, and shiny metallics are perfect for both the street and holiday parties! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, you can do so while making a statement. 2022 is all you. 

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Contributing Writer: Hillary Cormier

October 28, 2021 — DTC Thrasio