About Us



How B-Six Started

Remember the style of the early 2000s? Shimmery lip gloss, tube tops, and that low-cut V-neck denim number Britney Spears rocked on the runway... 

In sunny Los Angeles, we were loving the latest trends, but also having the frustrating realization that a traditional bra wouldn’t cut it. However, without coverage, we worried we’d fall victim to an even more embarrassing faux pas: the nip slip. 

Between pasties that slide off and nipple stickers that boast awkward shapes, we weren’t convinced that any of the options out there would keep us covertly covered or last us through the night. 

We took it upon ourselves to innovate a high-quality, comfortable way to keep you covered and protected without compromising your style. (Kind of a tall order, nbd.) We dreamed of elegant fabrics and materials in shapes and designs we wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. 

In 2002, that’s how our premier product, Nippies Basic nipple covers, was born: an antidote to unreliable and immature-looking pasties, featuring a skin-safe stick-and-go system and breathable, lingerie-like fabrics to conceal your nipples in style.

Where B-Six Is Now 

Since our basic beginnings, we’ve evolved our offerings. Today, you can stop fashion faux pas in their tracks with our wide array of Nippies Basic,  Nippies Skin reusable silicone covers, fashion fixes, and more.

Our Core Belief

B-Six was founded on the simple belief that everyone deserves freedom — the freedom to go into this world wildly or conservatively; to bare all or remain completely inconspicuous; to stay true to your unconstrained self with sheer confidence. No exceptions.

Whatever you want to wear, however you want to express yourself — we’ve got you covered.