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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Stocking Stuffers for Women

Blog written by B-Six.

It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing along with it everything we love about wintertime. Gingerbread, hot chocolate, holiday events and festivals, spending time with friends and family, and of course, gift-giving. 

While long lines, wait times for shipping, and seemingly endless hunts for items can make buying presents a hassle, stocking stuffers are fun holiday gifts that require little effort. Tossing these small gifts into your loved ones’ stockings brings them extra holiday joy without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win for both gift-givers and gift receivers!

Although stocking stuffers are easy gifts, why not get ahead and start planning your purchases now? If your loved ones are fashion and beauty fans, the options for stocking stuffers are endless. But you don’t have to go on an internet goose chase for what to buy! Here are the best stocking stuffer ideas for the fashion and beauty lovers in your life and some gift-giving tips to get you ready for holiday shopping! 

How do you fill a stocking on a budget?

Asking us how to shop on a budget is like asking us if we sell nipple pasties. We’ve got you. One way to fill a stocking is to buy several, inexpensive gifts. Of course, these can vary in product type. Socks, nail polish, lip balms, lip glosses, and candy are all common (and cute) stocking stuffers. Keeping your stocking stuffers small is key to filling a stocking! The smaller they are, the more you can put in. 

If you’ve got multiple stockings to fill (Hello, Santa!), we recommend buying sets and breaking them up. Drop one item per set into each stocking and you’ve got several gifts for the price of one! 

Should I wrap my stocking stuffers?

You definitely don’t have to wrap your stocking stuffers! One of the greatest things about these small gifts is that you can toss them into a stocking and call it a night. We call it the “purchase and plop”—easy and effortless. For giftees, part of the fun of stocking stuffers is pulling them out of the stocking. No obstacles, no gift wrap—let us at it! The joy of several, surprise mini gifts is unmatched. If we could, we’d make stockings a part of every holiday. 

However, if you’re a gift-wrapping whiz and love to go the extra mile, we recommend putting smaller presents into a gift bag with tissue paper. It’s cute, fun, and still gives your giftee the surprise that comes with emptying a stocking. 

Is it rude to give skincare as a gift? 

Definitely not! Giving skincare as a gift is a great way for your friend, family member, or co-worker to try something new or to engage in some well-deserved self-care. If they’re not the type to go to a spa for facials or other treatments, gifting inexpensive skincare items that they can use at home allows them to pamper themselves with no cost and little effort. 

Also, giving skincare products as gifts isn’t making a statement about their appearance or hygiene. It is a fun gift they can use to unwind or to treat themselves. These days, who doesn’t want a good, cooling face mask or eye patches to relax after a long day? We know we do! 

What are some great stocking stuffer ideas?

Stocking stuffers don’t have to be throwaway gifts. Make yours count by tailoring them to your friend or family member’s likes or interests! Here are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for fashion and beauty lovers:

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Fashion Lovers:

1. B-Six Nippies Skin

  • Nipple covers are a must-have for fashion lovers. Designed to prevent nip slips, spillage, and other fashion mishaps, Nippies Skin nipple covers are perfect for dress-wearers, regular event attendees, those who love to go braless, and more. They are reusable, washable, blend easily with any skin tone, and are hypoallergenic, making them great for those with sensitive skin. Nipple covers are an essential style solution for common clothing complications and are a great gift for any gender! 

2. B-Six Nippies Basic

  • If you’ve got a friend who loves to take fashion risks, up the ante by gifting them a pair of Nippies Basic nipple pasties! Featuring all the wonderful qualities of Nippies Skin, Nippies Basic are also made from quality, breathable, waterproof material. They come in heart and cross designs with sultry satin and lace textures—perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. 

3. Double-Stick Tape

    • Another essential for fashionistas is double-stick tape! B-Six’s fashion tape comes in thin, medium, and wide straps for any styling situation. Use the thin strips for lightweight fabric, the medium strips for medium-weight fabric, and the wide for strapless bras and dresses! Like Nippies Skin, they are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and are breathable, flexible, and comfortable for any night out! 

    The Best Stocking Stuffers for Skincare and Beauty Lovers:

    1. Hydrating Facial Mask 

      • Sdara’s Hydrating Facial Mask is the ultimate self-care after a long day. Formulated with natural ingredients and hyaluronic acid (a key ingredient for skin hydration), it is soothing, relaxing, cooling, and moisturizes skin to reveal a glowy, radiant complexion. If your giftee is a fan of the Glossier-inspired, dewy skin look, this hydrating face mask is right up their alley! Sdara also offers them in a pack of six, great for gifting to multiple friends. 

      2. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set 

        • This Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set is the perfect gift for skincare aficionados and beginners alike. If they haven’t hopped on this trend, they’ll want to when they learn what this ancient Chinese beauty secret does for their skin! So what does a jade roller do, you ask? It gives your skin a soothing massage that leaves you feeling healthy, refreshed, radiant, and glowing. Some jade roller benefits include easing tension in your face to promote lymphatic drainage, de-puffing, and boosting circulation. Pairing it with your favorite facial serum also increases absorption. This makes your products last longer, saving you money over time! The gua sha can also be used to massage your face and neck, providing the same benefits as the jade roller. This set is perfect for relaxation and stress release, meditation, or as a new step in your giftee’s skincare routine! 

        3. Rose Quartz Roller 

          • Rose quartz rollers feature many of the same benefits of jade rollers. However, while jade symbolizes balance and positivity, rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is said to possess healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also gives the skin a cooling sensation for an added touch of R&R. Storing it in the fridge before use boosts this benefit! Give a friend the gift of self-care with this trendy, unique beauty tool. 

          4. Vitamin C Serum 

          • This Vitamin C serum keeps skin smooth, plump, and radiant. Like Sdara’s Hydrating Facial Mask, it is formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost skin hydration and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. Vitamin C is also backed with antioxidants to combat free-radicals. Our stocking stuffer tip is to pair this serum with the Sdara Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set or Rose Quartz Roller! These tools increase its absorption, allowing your skin to receive the full benefits of the product. Who doesn’t love a cooling, refreshing facial massage? 

          5. Marula Oil 

            • Used as an extra step after moisturizer, marula oil is perfect for dry, red, irritated, or sun damaged skin. It is cold-pressed to maintain all of its antioxidants and is made with vitamin C and E to protect against free radicals produced by UV ray exposure and pollution. A multi-purpose product, it can also be used on hair and nails for a nourishing moisture boost! Pair it with the Sdara Microneedle Derma Roller for increased product absorption and smooth, glowing skin. Your friend, family member, or co-worker will love using them as an easy, at-home spa treatment! 

            6. Microneedle Derma Roller 

              • Give the gift of an at-home spa treatment with a microneedle derma roller! We know this may sound scary, but derma rollers do not penetrate the skin. They exfoliate dead skin cells and promote a healthy glow! The Sdara derma roller allows them to skip expensive spa treatments or facials for an easy routine they can complete at home! Pairing it with the Vitamin C Serum or Marula Oil also enhances hydration and product absorption. For those new to microneedling, we recommend the original, 540-needle roller. If your giftee is an intermediate-to-advanced user, opt for the Sdara Microneedle Derma Roller 2.0! It is upgraded to give more complexion-boosting results. 

              Final Thoughts

              Stocking stuffers make holiday shopping fun! Cute —yet thoughtful and affordable —these small gifts are an easy way to spread holiday joy. Now that you know what to stuff your stockings with, get ahead of the holiday rush (and the throng of Black Friday shoppers!) by completing your shopping early. The fashion and beauty lovers in your life are sure to love pulling these skincare and style essentials out of their stockings. The gift of peace of mind knowing you’re covered under your clothing and R&R after a soothing face mask or massage are great ones anyone can appreciate. Santa can take a step back this year, because the real holiday hero is you!

              Contributing Writer: Hillary Cormier

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