Stylin' Tape



Stretchy double stick clothing & body tape
keeps your clothes where they belong…on you.

Unique thin strips for a pucker-free look on
lightweight fabrics that need to flow.

Anchors shoulder straps and closes
blouse gaps on medium weight fabrics.

Exclusive extra wide size for stronger hold on
strapless bras and heavier dresses.

18 thin strips = .25" x 3"
10 medium = .5" x 3"
4 large strips = 1" x 3"
Product Details

Double-stick clothing and body tape: Keep your clothes where they belong so you can look put together and feel that way, too.
No-sew fix: All you need are your own two hands to fix a gaping rip or anchor down slipping bra straps — no needle or sewing machine required!
3 convenient strip sizes: Use the thin strips on lightweight fabrics, medium strips for anchoring shoulder straps and closing blouse gaps, and large strips for heavier fashion missions like boosting up strapless bras and keeping heavier fabrics put.
Stretchy and water-resistant: Create a perfect fit for whatever gap you’re trying to close, strap you’re trying to hold, or top you’re trying to keep down. Sweat doesn’t stand a chance against our specially designed double-sided stickiness.
No nasty residue: Rest assured your favorite fabrics won’t be tarnished by the gummy mess some other tapes leave behind.
Each pack includes: one sheet of 32 pre-cut strips with 18 thin strips (.25" x 3"), 10 medium strips (.5" x 3"), and 4 large strips (1" x 3").

How To Wear Stylin' Tape

Before you start styling with our Stylin’ Tape, test on an inconspicuous area of the garment’s fabric to ensure it will not damage your clothes.
1. Try on the clothing item to determine the best spot to place the tape.
2. Peel away the protective liner from one side of the tape and place the exposed adhesive on the fabric, preferably on an edge or seam.
3. Once in place, remove the second liner and apply to skin or other fabric. Adjust as needed.

Remove your Stylin’ Tape very gently, being careful not to pull skin. Do not rip off quickly!
If you normally have adhesive sensitivity, your skin may develop irritation, rashes or blisters. Darker pigmented skins may lighten or discolor when using adhesives. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If concerned, consult a physician.

DO NOT USE this product on sensitive skin, open cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin or if you have skin depigmentation, such as white patches or a family history of skin depigmentation.

How To Care For & Store Stylin' Tape

Our Stylin’ Tape is packaged in its own faux-snakeskin envelope to keep the strips safely stored and protected. This makes them easy to throw into your purse, backpack, gym duffel, makeup bag, luggage, or overnight tote, too.

Since these strips are designed for one-time use, discard after wearing.