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Nippies Basic Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nippies Basic covers waterproof?

Yes. Nippies Basic nipple covers are waterproof and sweatproof so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them under a swimsuit top, in the gym shower, with your workout clothes, on a hot summer day… we could go on...

Are Nippies Basic covers reusable?

Our Nippies Basic nipple covers are designed for a one-time use quick fashion fix. That’s why we recommend keeping a few packs on hand! (You never know when you’ll have a style emergency.)

If you’re looking for a reusable solution, our Nippies Skin® line of matte silicone covers can be rinsed and reused up to 20-30 times (and feel barely there, to boot!).

How long do Nippies Basic covers last?

Our stylish Nippies Basic nipple covers are built to last a maximum of 6-8 hours so that they can carry you through a sweaty presentation, intense run, or fun night out on the town!

How do you apply Nippies Basic covers?

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Before wearing your Nippies Basic nipple covers out and about, we recommend testing the adhesive first with the included mini covers to ensure you do not have a reaction or see any irritation. If you do, discontinue use.

How to Apply Nippies Basics - CLICK HERE for a PDF of actual sizes

    1. Clean and dry skin.
    2. Carefully peel off the bottom half of the liner.
    3. Place the enclosed protective nipple pad on the Nippie center.
    4. Stick the bottom half of the Nippie on the lower part of your breast.
    5. Peel off the top half of the liner.
    6. Pull up and over the top of your nipple, gently pulling up for a little lift. Be careful not to stretch out the shape.
    7. Press on.

REMOVE very gently, be careful not to pull skin. DO NOT RIP OFF.

What Nippies Basic product size is right for me?

Our Nippies Basic nipple covers come in two sizes. If you’re a cup size A-C, you can stay comfortably covered in our size Small. If you’re a cup size D and higher, you should opt for Large.  

If you have a smaller cup size but you’re looking to get a little lift, choose size Large. When you apply, you can use the excess room to lift up and stick for a quick and effective boost.

How do I properly care for and store my Nippies Basic covers?

Your Nippies Basic nipple covers arrive in a small enveloped sleeve where you can keep them safe until you’re ready to wear them.

Since these covers are for one-time use, you can throw away your worn set after removing them gently.

Do Nippies Basic nipple covers cause skin irritation?

We go out of our way to make sure all our Nippies products are skin-safe, but as cautious as we are, some skin is even more sensitive than that. We recommend testing the adhesive with the included mini covers to ensure you do not have a reaction or see any irritation. If you do, discontinue use.

If you normally have adhesive sensitivity, your skin may develop irritation, rashes, or blisters. Darker pigmented skins may lighten or discolor when using adhesives.

DO NOT USE this product on sensitive skin, open cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or if you have skin depigmentation, such as white patches or a family history of skin depigmentation.

I have breast implants. Are Nippies Basic covers safe?

Nippies Basic nipple covers are designed for ALL breasts, including breasts with implants. Definitely make sure you test with the included mini covers first, though, to ensure you do not have any reactions to the adhesive.

Can I wear Nippies Basic nipple covers while I exercise?

Of course! In fact, we recommend it! Not only will they keep you covered, but they’ll help prevent chafing, too.

Can I wear Nippies Basic covers under swimsuits and swim with them?

Yes and yes! Since our Nippies Basic nipple covers are waterproof, you can feel confident that they’ll stay safely secured whether you take the full plunge into the water or just stay suntanning by the shore.

Only the Best: Nippies Basic Features

Our exclusive Soft-Stretch™ adhesive shapes your breast for a soft, smooth wrinkle-free fit you won't find anywhere else.

For all day comfort. No sweaty pasties! Feels so free, you will forget you have them on. Cool alternative to a bra in the summer heat.

Treat your skin to the best. We use only the highest-quality, skin safe medical grade silicone.

Made with quality fabrics, not felt or sticker-like paper pasties, so you look and feel beautiful with or without your clothes on.

Stays on, even in the water! Great for dancing, swimming, showering, and whatever else.



"I’ve been using these pasties now for a few years and they are best ones I have ever used. The adhesive is amazing and lasts for a really long time."

- Alexa

"My Nippies arrived yesterday and I'll never, ever, not for any reason wear a bra again."

- Vianne

"I have been braless for 50 years and now I can be braless forever."

- Grace

"You know when your life gets better after you purchase a specific product? Well this is that product."

- Natalie