The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women in 2023

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women in 2023

Whether you’re hitting the dance floor or hosting your own party, you want to look and feel your best this Halloween! Fortunately, it’s been an amazing year for costuming, and we expect to see plenty of unique, unforgettable costumes for women.

The best Halloween costumes fit any role — from trick-or-treating with the kids to a night out with the girls. So, what do these costumes look like?

Well, take a peek… if you dare!

The Trendiest Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

It’s been an amazing year for moviegoers, so we anticipate a wide range of costumes. Sure. you can go with the classics — princesses, queens, and magicians. But, if you want a costume no one will forget, check out these pop culture icons!

1. Anything Barbie

Barbie logos

Let’s be honest, girls. The Barbie movie was a smash hit. It didn’t break records because it was bad; it earned those numbers! So, show off your inner pink! There are plenty of Barbies to pick from, including:

  • Cowgirl Barbie: An all-pink getup with a white fedora. More specifically, look for a pink button-up vest top and matching flared bell bottoms. Complete the look with a pink bandana. You’ll find most of what you need to pull off this cute look at your local costume shop.
  • Roller Skating Barbie: Who can forget escaping Barbieland? This costume requires a multicolored neon leotard and some roller skates. As Teen Vogue points out, you can tie the rollerskates together and carry them as part of the outfit.
  • Stereotypical Barbie: That first outfit was a hit! To pull off this costume, find a pink gingham dress and a light pink floral necklace.
  • Weird Barbie: How about something quirky? You’ll want a high-cut pink dress — complete with puffy sleeves — some face paint, and plenty of hair gel to get that “weird and wild” hair look!

Now, be aware that the Cowgirl and Rollerskating Barbie are tricky to get right! You’ll want a thin, tight-fitting bra. (For Cowgirl Barbie especially, seek out a skin tone bra.) Or… have a braless moment! Our Nippies Basic nipple covers guarantee a perfect fit that you’ll feel comfortable in all night!

If you’re willing to part with more money — around $30 or so — you can find most of these costumes online or at a costume shop. These sets include everything you’ll need for the night, and many are packed in a handy travel box for future use. But you’ll still need bras or nipple covers.

2. Wednesday Addams

spiders hanging

Yes, that classic look is coming back.

This costume is for small breasts, large breasts, and everything in between, and its inherent extra coverage means you won’t have to look for a jacket if it’s a cold night.

Like the Barbie Movie outfits, you can find a complete Wednesday Addams costume for $30–$40. These ready-to-wear sets don’t always offer the perfect fit, but they’ll guarantee you’re perfectly dressed. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider hitting up local thrift stores.

3. Princess Peach

Alternatively, you can grab ideas from video games!

The release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie can be your inspiration for a delightful Princess Peach costume! All you need is a frilly pink dress and some bright pink lipstick. You’ll find the accessories you need — including a crown worthy of a queen — at your local costume store.

As with the Barbie looks, a Princess Peach outfit can be tricky. You’ll want a bra that doesn’t show through sheer tops, and you may even want additional lift! We suggest giving your nips a break and using nipple covers or — for that extra lift — breast tape. Both options keep you covered while providing comfort that lasts through your Halloween party.

4. M3GAN

Or, perhaps, you want a sultry look that matches the spooky Halloween vibes…

This year, that role is being filled by M3GAN’s titular rogue AI. Like the Wednesday Addams costume, this is a perfect look if your costumes need some extra warmth. It’s got long sleeves and cozy tights, so you can turn heads without shivering!

Like most costumes for women, you can easily thrift for this fit. You’ll need:

  • A Long-Sleeve Shirt: Look for a black-and-white striped shirt to wear under the dress.
  • An Off-White Dress: The collared M3GAN dress is eggshell white with short sleeves. If you want absolute accuracy, you should have two pleats — one below each armpit.
  • A Scarf or Cravat: M3GAN has a dark blue “bib” with a chevron shape. In the film, this bib has a Union Jack-esque red, white, and blue pattern.
  • White Stockings: Ditch the skirt for this one! You’ll need white tights or knitted stockings.
  • A Wig: If you have long hair and are willing to dye it, go gray for the night! Otherwise, snag a gray wig.

5. The Sanderson Sisters


And we haven’t forgotten the Disney fans! This year’s lineup of Halloween costumes is sure to feature more than a few Hocus Pocus references. Yes, we’re talking about the beloved, witchy sisters!

Of all the ideas, these costumes are best bought from stores. You’ll get a movie-accurate look without all the work of thrifting and fixing your own outfit. However, like the Princess Peach look, these cute dresses require a bit of work to perfect. Instead of struggling with uncomfortable push-up bras, we recommend using convenient adhesive breast tape to provide coverage and lift.

Notably, because these dresses are high cuts, you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect skin tone. However, our nipple covers will certainly cater to those whims.

Classic Costumes for Women

Now, what if you’re not a pop culture queen?

That’s okay! Plenty of people are bound to enjoy classic costumes. These looks range from classic literary figures — like Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter — to age-old stock characters. So, if you want to turn heads without the burden of referencing a film you may not have seen, try one of these ideas!

1. Fairies and Pixies

Yes, you can absolutely go for a Disney look with Tinkerbell, but you’ll find plenty of fairy costumes for women at any Halloween store. If you want to make your own outfit, all you need is a pair of wings and a dress!

This look can be revealing — especially if you choose low cuts — so be prepared! Adhesive nipple covers keep everything covered without ruining the magic. Similarly, breast petals and tape can add plenty of style to an otherwise “meh” costume.

2. Mermaids


Again, there’s plenty of wiggle room. Mermaid-themed Halloween costumes range from generic tailed getups to elaborate mimicry of existing characters. You can reference The Little Mermaid or be a glittery Barbie mermaid. Or you can just be any mermaid.

Regardless of your choices, you’ll need adhesive nipple covers or a sticky bra. Both options should ideally match your skin tones. Otherwise, you’ll be showing off your underwear! And, yes, even strapless bras tend to fall flat when worn beneath a pair of shells.

3. “Sexy” Costumes

Finally, we have that big umbrella of sexy costumes. You know what we’re talking about. Every Halloween store has them! They’re usually part of a lineup of “Sexy X Costumes.” Fill in the blank as desired.

Whether you’re going for a risqué take on the Mad Hatter or a revealing version of Chewbacca (and that is a thing), you’ll find plenty of women’s Halloween costumes in this category.

The Perks of Using Nipple Covers

So, with all of those ideas, we hope you’ve found something to wear to this year’s Halloween bash. But — before you go — let’s take a second to discuss… the nipple problem.

It’s no secret that the crisp autumn air can cause a fashion faux pas. However, many costumes for women feature low cuts. Even the lightest bras show through these sheer looks! So, what’s a woman to do?

Lift and Support With Breast Tape

nippies breast tape

One of your first options is adhesive breast tape.

The traditional form is sold in rolls — a bit like ribbon. It will cover your nipple and keep your breasts looking perky. Moreover, with six skin tones to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect match for you.

However, these strips don’t work with many strapless outfits. In these situations, you’ll want something that provides plenty of shape and support without revealing your secrets. Shorter rolls of pre-cut adhesive tape can work, but we suggest our Nippies Uplift adhesive nipple covers.

Compared to traditional tape, these avocado-shaped solutions are perfect for any scenario, including a tank top! In addition to covering your nipple, the Nippies Uplift offers plenty of support, helping you maintain that sexy shape all night long.

Party Comfortably With Nipple Covers

Alternatively, if you just need to keep that nipple down this Halloween, use Nippies Basics. These single-use adhesive nipple covers don’t butt in on your cute costume like bras. They also reduce nipple chafing.

nippies basic

In addition to our classic adhesive cup shape, B-SIX offers fun nipple covers for every skin tone! Our Cross-Shaped Nipple Covers are perfect for a sexy night, as are our Heart-Shaped option. We even have Non-Adhesive Inserts for when your Halloween costume needs additional coverage.

They’re Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Regardless of which option you pick, you’re bound to look cute and feel sexy! Women love their B-SIX nipple covers, and we use skin-friendly adhesive to ensure a truly comfortable fit. We also have reusable nipple covers for women. Just be sure to wash and dry them before reuse.

Need extra coverage? Try out our Nippies Extra Adhesive Nipple Covers.

Hopefully, all of these Halloween costume ideas for women have inspired you, and we can’t wait to see what fun ideas everyone comes up with!