Nippies Skin

The ULTIMATE nipple cover for the smoothest coverage possible

Only the Best: Nippies Skin Features

Treat your skin to the best. We use only the highest-quality, skin safe medical grade silicone.

Nippies skin’s new advanced ultra-thin Invisifeel™ silicone is soft with a unique skin-like texture to meld into your skin for a naked feeling (and looking!) fit.

Our unique Paparazzi-proof ™ matte finish won’t reflectlight (or a camera flash!) through clothing. Runway to weddings to everyday selfies, Nippies Skin are camera-ready!

This specially formulated adhesive is washable with gentle soap and water to remove skin and oils and rejuvenate the adhesive.

Daring styles are no match for these ultra-thin edges. They blend seamlessly into your skin, eliminating telltale ridges and bumps.



"I’ve been using these pasties now for a few years and they are best ones I have ever used. The adhesive is amazing and lasts for a really long time."

- Alexa

"My Nippies arrived yesterday and I'll never, ever, not for any reason wear a bra again."

- Vianne

"I have been braless for 50 years and now I can be braless forever."

- Grace

"You know when your life gets better after you purchase a specific product? Well this is that product."

- Natalie