Women of all shapes and sizes know the very real struggle of underboob sweat, especially during hot and humid days. It's uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can lead to skin irritation. But with record breaking heat waves in the forecast, fear not! We’ve got you covered with loose and airy solutions to stay fresh and dry, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable all day long. When it comes to dealing with underboob sweat, we believe in tackling the issue with flair and style, read on for our 9 best boob sweat fighting tips below.

Choose Bras That Are Chic and Breathable 

Say goodbye to boring bras and embrace chic designs made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. Opt for trendy bralettes or sports bras with mesh details that not only offer support but also add a touch of fashion to your outfit. Look out for vibrant colors and intricate patterns that make you feel fabulous from the inside out.

woman wearing a sports bra with no show covers

Avoid padded bras, as they can trap heat and moisture, exacerbating the sweat issue. One potential issue removing that added padding is the appearance of an unwanted nipple showing through. But don’t sweat it, try using thin inserts or non-adhesive nipple covers to get the nipple coverage you’re after without the sweat.

Flaunt a Perfect Fit With A Professionally Fitted Bra 

There's nothing more fashionable than a perfectly fitting bra. Avoid the discomfort and unsightly sweat by getting professionally fitted for a bra that flatters your shape. A well-fitted bra not only provides the right support but also boosts your confidence and complements your fashion choices effortlessly.

woman getting fitted for a bra

Get Ahead of Underboob Sweat with Moisture-Wicking Fabrics 

Fashionistas know that choosing the right fabrics can make all the difference. Opt for clothing crafted from moisture-wicking materials like nylon and polyester. Cotton on the other hand can be more breathable, but it tends to hold on to moisture and can absorb sweat. Synthetic moisture wicking materials not only keep you cool, but they're also perfect for creating trendy looks that turn heads. Athleisure isn’t going anywhere ladies! 

woman in a sports bra with moisture wicking fabric

Hygiene Is Always on Trend: Add your underboobs to your getting ready routine 

Maintaining proper hygiene is a must for any fashion-forward individual. Make sure to cleanse the underboob area daily with a refreshing soap or body wash. Embrace self-care by thoroughly drying the area before putting on your stylish bra. Moisture left on the skin can create a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to skin irritation. Don’t forget that your girls deserve some extra love and attention!

Sweat-Stopping Style with Antiperspirants 

I hate to add more to your skincare regime but your girls will thank you! Use antiperspirants specifically designed for sensitive skin or those infused with calming natural ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile to soothe the skin.

Before applying, make sure the underboob area is clean and dry. Apply the antiperspirant evenly to the skin and allow it to dry completely before putting on your bra. Some women might find better results with antiperspirant sprays or roll-ons, so try different options to see what works best for you. These products will keep you feeling fresh, dry, and runway-ready all day long.

woman applying anti-perspirant


Elevate Your Style with Underboob Sweat Pads 

Embrace the latest fashion innovations with underboob sweat pads. These discreet and convenient accessories absorb sweat, ensuring your fashion choices remain flawless and free from pesky stains.These pads adhere to the inside of your bra and are disposable,making them a convenient option for combating underboob sweat. Stay confident and moisture free with these fashion-forward essentials.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Fashionable: The Best Way To Stay Dry Is To Stay Hydrated 

It's no secret that staying hydrated is a key ingredient in any queen's routine. Drinking water not only keeps you refreshed but also helps regulate your body temperature, reducing excessive sweat production. Stay fashionable and hydrated for a flawless look that radiates confidence.

Wear Loose-Fitting Tops With Light Colors

Don't let underboob sweat cramp your style. Opt for loose-fitting tops made from breathable fabrics in light colors. These fashion-forward pieces not only minimize sweat buildup but also add an effortless, chic vibe to your ensemble. Lighter colors absorb less heat keeping you cool, refreshed, and on trend with fun summer colors. Embrace the freedom and comfort of loose-fitting fashion that's both trendy and practical.

woman in loose fitting light clothing


For The Adventurous Try Going Braless or Use Water Resistant Nipple Covers

For those daring fashion moments, why not unleash your inner fashionista by going braless or using adhesive nipple covers? If you’re going to free the nipples but don’t want to put it all on display, consider nipple covers that can be worn and re-worn all day. Many of these boob covers like Nippies have water resistant qualities that can hold up during hot summer days or nights out on the town! These stylish alternatives provide added ventilation and comfort while making a bold fashion statement. Embrace the power of fashion and let your creativity shine.

By incorporating these fashion-forward tips into your routine, you'll conquer underboob sweat with confidence and style. Stay fresh, stay fabulous, and embrace your journey as a trendsetter who knows how to conquer any challenge with grace and flair!

July 31, 2023 — DTC Brand