3 Amazing Holiday Outfits Women Can Rock This Season

3 Amazing Holiday Outfits Women Can Rock This Season

As one season ends, another begins. Yes, it’s that sad time of the year again — when the pumpkin spice flavors go away. But the peppermint and cinnamon delights are returning to shelves!

We’re entering yet another holiday season, and it’s the perfect time to find your perfect fit.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Make your special occasions sparkle this season with these five must-have looks to wow the crowd.

1. Comfort and Hot Cocoa: The “Slouchy” Look

It may seem like an odd choice, but the “just rolled out of bed after partying a bit too hard” look is in style. Though it has many names, our favorite description of this outfit comes from Irene Kim, who — in a piece for Vogue magazine — dubbed it the “slouchy coat” outfit.

How to Be Fashionably Casual

Unlike many modern looks, the casual look is about being comfortable and cozy. If clothing could talk, this style would say, “If it looks good and keeps you warm, wear it!”

Today’s fashion is stuffed with examples of this look. We’re almost always rocking some comfy shoes, and we’ve all had days where we hid those cozy gym shorts under our dresses. This look embraces that simple, functional mindset.

Build the Look

While you can rock your body shape with this look, it’s generally on the “frumpy” side of the sliding scale, favoring big, baggy clothing. Common features of the “slouchy” look include:

  • Jeans or sweatpants
  • Large overcoats
  • Plush, warm fabric
  • Pullovers and hoodies
  • Sneakers
  • Sweaters

Do you necessarily need an adhesive bra for this look? No, not really! But it’ll really up the comfiness factor.

2. Terrific Tinsel: The Jewelry-Lover’s Look

For lovers of bling, let your jewelry do the talking!

Don’t be afraid to get wild and funky with this style. Combine studded, sparkling chains to create long, tinsel-like strands that crisscross your gorgeous body. Wear as many rings as you want, and rock those dangly earrings!

As an added bonus, this look works well with many styles, including the “slouchy” look we mentioned before.

How to Rock Your Bling

Remember when you were a kid? You’d borrow Mom’s jewelry and play dress-up, covering yourself in shining metals until you dazzled like a disco globe.

Well, do exactly that.

Let out your inner creativity! Combine different metals and colors to bring out your beauty.

Build the Look

Obviously, you’ll need lots of jewelry. However, you’ll also need…

  • A simple base — like your favorite LBD
  • Chains and necklaces
  • The perfect shoes

Nipple covers will be a necessity for this look.  They’ll tuck neatly beneath the smooth, flowing lines of your dresses and cut down on unsightly bumps. Just be sure to use clean, warm water when applying your nipple covers. Afterward, you’ll be set for hours of fun!

3. Sparkle and Shine: The Metallic Look

Our final pick for this year’s most fashionable holiday outfits is the metallic look!

Mastering Metallics

Nothing marks the start of the holiday season like glitz and glam. This year — and every year — sparkly outfits make their greatest comeback!

Whether you’re rocking glitter, fringe, sequins, or rhinestones, your look is sure to stand out and it’s essential to cover all your bases.

Adhesive nipple covers are your best bet when it comes to avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, you'll get a natural look with little to no effort. Opting to snag some reusable pasty nipple covers can also save you some money, as the price can easily beat out a high-quality and fully supportive ultra-thin bra.

Traditionally, the holiday season relied on shining platinum white, silver, and gold. But you can choose any look! Many are now opting for bronze, brass, and even reds!.

Say Hello to This Year’s Best Accessory: Nipple Covers!

We’ll wrap up with what everyone is probably thinking: Sure, the holidays are fun. They’re the perfect time to catch up with family and friends. But finding the right look is hard!

Everyone seems to suffer from what we like to call the “curse of the bad bra.” It almost seems inevitable, doesn’t it? You find the perfect dresses, but none of your bras work with the ’fit! Straps give excellent support, but they ruin those gorgeous sleeveless looks. And you can’t rock traditional strapless bras with low-cut or lacy tops. Even after you procure the perfect bra, you’ll probably end up needing some additional help to ward off the dreaded nip slip.

Worry not, ladies! There are easier ways to perfect your form and get a seamless fit!

Nipple covers (literally) have you covered, and they’re fantastically versatile.

Finding the Perfect Nipple Covers for Maximum Shape and Coverage

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Looking for Extra Support That Won’t Peel?

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