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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women & How to Choose the Right Bra

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Spooky season is here! Although Halloween is still over a month away, the beginning of fall marks the reemergence of our favorite Halloween memes, limited edition candy and treats, scary movies, and, of course, the ever-important question of what costume to wear to upcoming Halloween parties, festivals, and spooky celebrations. 

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with little ones, attending an event, or hosting a small gathering at home, Halloween is the perfect time to wear something fun and exciting, to step outside of your comfort zone, or have a great time being someone (or something) else for a day! 

In this article, we’ll cover the top costume trends of 2022, the best Halloween costume ideas for women, and what bra to wear with your ensemble. Check it out...if you dare. 

What are the top trendy Halloween costumes in 2022?

1. Super Villainesses 

  • Even though we love our favorite female superheroes – we see you, Wonder Woman and Black Widow – 2022 is the year of the super villainess. The releases of The Suicide Squad and Cruella make Harley Quinn and our spotted, dotted fashion queen excellent costumes for Halloween. We’re also fans of international thief of the 90’s, Carmen Sandiego. Depending on your outfit of choice (because there are many amazing options), we recommend using fashion tape or a pair of nipple pasties to keep your breasts comfortable and supported. Use Nippies Skin for smooth, blended coverage. 

2. 1920’s Flapper

  • It may be the Roaring 2020’s, but we love a classy throwback to the OG decade of opulence, the 1920’s. Easy to wear and effortlessly stylish, flapper costumes are trending up this year. Go on and get your Gatsby on. 

3. Clown 

  • We get it. Clowns are creepy, but jester-inspired costumes are versatile. You can opt for cute, sexy, or scary! Our clown costume recommendation is Pennywise from It. It’s Halloween. You can clown around. 

4. Horror Movie Villains 

  • Popular horror movie villains make great Halloween costumes. Some of our favorites include Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michel Myers. We also suggest other classic movie villains such as Beetlejuice or Darth Vader from Star Wars

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What is the most popular Halloween costume this year?

Ahead of next year’s reboot of Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, one of the best costumes you can opt for this year are the Sanderson Sisters! Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson are the perfect choice for any Halloween plans and can also be worn as a group costume with friends. Opt for the full, witchy garb with Renaissance-inspired embellishments, or go the simple route with a dress, cape, and stockings combo. Put a spell on us, sister.  

What are some classic Halloween costume options?

Some costumes never go out of style. Here are a few classic costumes (and how to put a modern twist on them): 

1. Witch 

  • Witch-inspired style is one of our favorite fashion trends and blends seamlessly into spooky season. Dress up as a traditional witch with a long gown or cape and striped stockings, opt for 90’s style with a look inspired by The Craft, or put on your best witchy schoolgirl costume a la The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Do what you like with this classic. It’s guaranteed to look amazing.

2. Vampire 

  • Vampires are timeless monsters (literally) and are an equally timeless costume option. Stay true to the classic vampire look with a three-piece suit or celebrate Twilight’s return to Netflix with a Bella or Alice Cullen costume. If you prefer a bold, daring, or revealing look, vampires easily make for sexy Halloween costumes

3. Cat 

  • Cat Halloween costumes are classic and easy to create! Rather than buying a full costume, grab some cat ears, pull pieces you already own from your closet, and do your best cat-inspired makeup for a simple, yet cute Halloween look. If you’re feeling bold and want to wear a sexy spin on this classic, go as Catwoman, the sultry supervillainess (or anti-hero, if you’re keeping score) from Gotham City!

4. Ghost 

  • We’d tell you to throw a white sheet over your head and call it a day, but we’ve got you covered with a better option! Go for a Ghostbusters costume or take inspiration from Thirteen Ghosts and opt for a spooky ghost princess look. Off with their heads, Your Haunted Highness. 

What’s the best bra to wear with my Halloween costume?

Some costumes have designs that make it hard to wear a simple t-shirt bra. Here’s how to choose the best undergarments for your costume choice: 

  1. For low-cut tops or dresses, we suggest using a plunge bra. They have less coverage in the front and hide underneath deep necklines with ease. They’re also supportive to ensure lasting comfort throughout the night. Fashion tape is also a great option for plunging necklines. You can customize the way you want your “bra” to fit and keep your breasts supported. It also works perfectly with larger cup sizes. 
  2. If you’re wearing a backless dress or top, your best bet is a backless bra. Most are self-adhesive to provide coverage and support. Some also come with a front lace-up to adjust lift. 
  3. Convertible bras are perfect for asymmetric silhouettes or tops and dresses that have complicated backs or straps. The straps are adjustable, removable, and can be worn in a variety of ways. They can also be adjusted to sit lower on your back if your top plunges downward. Strapless bras are also a great pick for strappy or uniquely designed costumes. 
  4. Some bra alternatives for tricky costumes with cut-outs, straps, or less coverage include breast pasties. They support your breasts and cover your nipples, preventing nip slips and other fashion mishaps. Our favorites are Nippies Skin for a comfortable, no-show look and feel. They come in adhesive options for extra security and non-adhesive options you can tuck them into thin bras for extra coverage. 
  5. If your costume allows for it, you can also go braless! Assess the back and neckline of your outfit, make sure you’ll feel comfortable, and go for it! 

How many times can I reuse my nipple covers?

This depends on the nipple covers you use. Some styles can be used once while others are reusable. If you only need them for Halloween night, we recommend Nippies Basics nipple pasties. They come in several neutral color, shape, and texture options to fit whatever costume you choose! If you’d prefer a reusable option, go for Nippies Skins. Their silicone adhesive is washable with gentle soap and water, is safe for use with sensitive skin, and can be worn time and time again. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you cartwheel into the Halloween action as Harley Quinn, stalk onto the scene as Michael Myers, or hold your cat paws out for candy, you’re sure to stand out in whatever costume you choose this Halloween! Trick-or-treat with the kids in style, take a pose at a party against a Halloween background, bob for apples, play Halloween games (Jackbox Murder Trivia Party, anyone?), and enjoy your night! 

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Contributing Writer: Hillary Cormier