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Fall Weddings: What to Wear & Choosing the Right Bra for Your Dress

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Fall is here and it’s time for cooler temperatures, limited edition fall flavors, changing scenery, and of course, weddings! Fall weddings come with a unique set of fashion challenges. What do I wear in chilly weather? What do I wear if the wedding I’m attending is outside? What are the appropriate colors for the fall foliage season? And the most dreaded question of all: what bra should I wear? 

With an endless amount of options available, it can be hard to decide what to wear, what color to choose, and what the best bra option is for your outfit of choice. Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself, we’re here to ease the stress of wedding attire. Here’s what to wear to upcoming Fall weddings and how to choose the best bra for your dress. 

What should I wear to a Fall wedding?

First, you’ll want to consider the type of wedding you’re attending. Here’s what to do for every kind of occasion: 

Formal or Black Tie Weddings

  • Formal or black tie weddings require your finest attire. You will want to wear a formal gown, the best cocktail dress you can find, or a stylish, dressy pantsuit. Opt for fabrics that are luxurious in appearance such as silk or tulle. Also, in case you were wondering: a bra (or some form of breast support) is a must for formal weddings. If a basic underwire bra isn’t an option for your outfit, we recommend Nippies Skin nipple pasties for easy, comfortable support that offers complete coverage and prevents fashion mishaps!

Semi-Formal Weddings

  • Semi-formal wedding attire is more relaxed than black tie or formal attire. Shorter length dresses are okay to wear, preferably with a length that is at the knee. If you prefer mini or midi dresses over maxi-length gowns, you’re in luck! 

Casual Weddings  

  • If you’re attending a casual wedding, you have considerably more options! Here, you can wear a maxi, midi, bodycon, halter dress, and more. We also love jumpsuits, blazers, and other chic separates. 

What should I wear to an outdoor Fall wedding?

Cooler temperatures can make dressing for outdoor weddings daunting. But if you prefer casual attire, the cool temperatures make choosing an outfit easy. Outdoor wedding venues allow more flexibility for dress options, making them a great time to show off your personal style. Some of our favorite options for outdoor weddings are long-sleeve midi dresses, maxi dresses, cape dresses, wide leg pants, and jumpsuits. It’s okay to go bold, but within reason. 

Fall is also the perfect time to play with textures. Velvet dresses, floral prints, metallics, and lace are all stylish elements that elevate Fall wedding outfits. 

What color should I wear for a Fall wedding?

Contrary to popular belief, you are not confined to dark or neutral colors for Fall events! Fall wedding colors can be just as vibrant as Spring or Summer colors. Rich jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald, citrine, and fuchsia are great options for an elegant wedding look. We also love Autumn-inspired colors such as mustard yellow, maroon, and cranberry. 

For a toned down, yet stylish look, muted tones such as charcoal gray and caramel brown are also great for the Fall season. However, if you want to wear black to your upcoming event, you absolutely can! You heard it from us first. It is okay to wear black at weddings. 

What’s the best bra for the dress I’m wearing?

Wedding undergarments, such as different types of bras, work best with certain dress silhouettes. Here’s which bra to wear with the following dress options: 

Slip Dress 

  • Slip dresses are often made from thin material and show more skin than other dress silhouettes. Our recommendation is a pair of nipple pasties. They’ll keep your breasts supported and won’t be seen through light fabric. Stick-on, self-adhesive bras without bands or straps are also a great option for slip dresses. 

Backless Dress 

  • Bras are usually a no-go for backless dresses. However, there are plenty of options if you prefer breast coverage or support. Opt for a backless bra, a transparent back bra, fashion tape, or a pair of breast pasties. 

Bodycon Dress

  • Bodycon dresses usually have more coverage in the front and back and are made with close-fitting, stretchy material. To prevent lines from showing through your dress, go for a t-shirt bra in a basic color such as black or nude. Seamless bras also do the trick! 

Halter Dress 

  • Fitting closely around the neck, halter dresses are a fashionable, versatile silhouette for almost any occasion. They often leave the upper part of your back exposed, making them hard to pair with back-fastening bras. We recommend nipple pasties, fashion tape, or a halter neck bra (yes, they exist).

Wrap Dress 

  • A classic silhouette, wrap dresses feature a deep v-neckline. They are best paired with plunge bras that also make a deep, v-shaped outline. 

Is it okay to not wear a bra if I’m wearing a dress?

There is no requirement to wear a bra with your dress (unless you’re attending a formal wedding). Here are a few ways you can go braless for semi-formal and casual events: 

  1. Check the neckline and back of your dress to make sure you’re in the clear to go braless. Then assess your comfort level. Sometimes wearing a bra feels more secure and supportive and that’s okay! However, if you are going without a bra, we recommend using nipple pasties to keep your breasts comfortable and supported. Nippies Skin breast pasties come in shades for every skin tone, two sizes for every cup size in the alphabet, and have a semi-transparent finish that blends into the skin effortlessly. 
  2. Some dresses have built-in support. This includes anything from elasticized lining to bra cups or a shelf bra. If your dress comes with one of these, you’re good to go! 
  3. Forego the bra entirely! We don’t blame you for not wanting to bother. However, we’ve got some tips for you. If the wedding you’re attending is outdoors, dark colors are your best bet. Don’t chance making a wardrobe malfunction in wet or cold weather. Clothing with thick material or bold prints is also a great way to hide the outline of your nipples. Also, avoid low-cut clothing that can expose your breasts if you lean over. 

How do I use fashion tape?

Fashion tape is an excellent way to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and fashion mishaps at your upcoming event. The easiest way is to cut your tape and adhere it to your clothing. Make sure it’s centered and securely attached to your top or dress, then press it onto your skin or other garment. Run your finger along the area you placed the tape to apply extra pressure, and you’re done! 

How do I hide my bra lines?

There are a few styling tricks you can use to keep your bra lines out of sight. One way is to use fashion tape. Flip the straps of your top or dress inside-out and place one 2 or 3-inch section of tape onto the inside fabric. Press the straps (and tape) onto your bra straps, take a look in the mirror, and your bra straps should be perfectly hidden! 

If fashion tape isn’t up your alley, try a bra strap clip to position your straps in a way that works with the style of your dress. 

Final Thoughts

Autumn brings a wide variety of style options for weddings. Whether you’re attending a black tie, semi-formal, or casual wedding, there is something to fit your Fall aesthetic! Don’t stress about which bra to wear. Remember to pick the best type of bra for your dress silhouette. You can also opt for breast pasties, use fashion tape to cover your bra straps, or fly free. Regardless of what you choose, you are sure to look stunning at any wedding you attend this Fall!  

Contributing Writer: Hillary Cormier