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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be both sensational and stressful. But, no matter what your status is (single, it’s complicated, coupled up, or throupled up), B-Six has got you covered. 

We’ve got a list of all of the Valentine’s Day gifts that have gone viral in the past few weeks for their creativity, charm, and (most importantly) low price tag! 

From sweets to smells to treat-yourself gifts for one and everything in between, read on for the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $30 for you and your loved one(s)!


Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Your S/O

Getting V-Day gifts for your loved one isn’t always easy, especially if you wait until the last minute (which I assume most people do…right?) Either way, we’ve got the perfect range of gifts that will woo your partner without draining your wallet.

relationship card game as a valentine's day gift

For Budding Lovebirds: A Love Language Card Game

‘Love language’ has gotten super popular in the last few months, and for good reason! It’s a great way to both get to know yourself and your partner in new, intimate ways, and can help new lovers figure out what makes each other tick. 

This card game is perfect for that - it asks a series of fun, interesting questions that allow you and your partner to discover the different ways you both give and receive love.
The perfect V-Day gift for some serious bonding time! 

sexy truth or dare game valentine's day gift

For Amorous Adventurers: This Sexy Truth-or-Dare Set

Looking to turn up the heat? This sexy truth-or-dare set is jam-packed with creative ways to get to know your partner a little more intimately. Get the mood right with some dim lights and good smells, and begin!

This game is best played with 2 players, but hey, the more the merrier! 

aromatherapy essential oil diffuser valentine's day gift

For Some Cute-Yet-Classic Charm: An Essential Oil Diffuser

Listen, candles are great, but they don’t last long and sometimes have not-so-friendly chemicals hidden in the wax. That’s why an oil diffuser is a perfect alternative for a partner that wants some good smells in their life. 

Tip: You may go a little over $30 for this, but we recommend also buying your S/O their favorite essential oils along with this diffuser, to show them you’re paying attention to what they like! 

bombombs chocolate valentine's day gift

For The Sweet-toothed Sweetheart: Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate, ever - but if you’re looking to really take it up a notch, this hot chocolate bomb set is a killer choice. Hot chocolate bombs are everywhere, from Instagram to TikTok, with people coming up with crafty new ways to create different kinds of hot chocolate. 

This set comes with several different flavors, and if you’re lucky, your S/O will let you try one of them! (If there’s no room to share, you can always get yourself a box, too! Treat yourself!)


Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Singles

Whether you’re getting over a breakup, staying single by choice, or are just shopping around, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy. But, it really doesn’t have to be that way - Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity for hanging with friends, or just hanging with yourself for a serious self-care day. Here are some great gifts to show yourself (or your single friends) some love! 

wreck this journal valentine's day gift to yourself

For Getting Internally In-Touch: A ‘Wreck This Journal’ Journal

Get to know yourself by completely obliterating a journal meant to be obliterated. This is a cathartic way to get out some feelings, learn something new, or just pass the time! You can also give this to a friend who could use some creative inspiration. 

women wearing nipple pasties as a valentine's day gift

For a Night Out: Nippies Nipple Covers, Tape, and More

V-Day is the perfect day to grab some friends, grab your favorite outfit, grab some drinks, and have a blast at your favorite bar or club. And what better time than to grab that sexy dress you got all those years back that you haven’t found the time to wear?

Well, if a lack of coverage has made you weary, getting yourself some Nippies nipple covers is the answer. They’re perfect for those dresses or tops that just don’t really work with a bra, and are completely seamless.
If you’re looking for other fashion fixes to perfect your fit, having some breast tape, button adjusters, and double sided styling tape on hand is a must.

pink pajama set for valentine's day

For Luxury From Home: This Pink Satin Pajama Set

Nothing makes you feel like the ruler of your own domain quite like satin. This under $30 pajama set is the best way for you to show yourself that you care on this special day! Pair it with the dessert of your choice, some bunny slippers, and a bath for a truly ideal spa-from-home experience. 

Get 2 sets for you and a friend! Matching Galintine’s Day!

get yourself a chocolate fountain valentine's day gift

For A Treat to Treat Yourself: A Chocolate Fondue Machine

The fact that this isn’t a mandatory product in everyone’s home is beyond us. This little chocolate fondue machine packs a lotta punch, and even more chocolate. Grab some strawberries and a couple friends for a truly delicious treat-yourself Valentine’s Day, or use it on your own as a way of showing yourself you deserve the finer things in life! 


Final Thoughts

Single, alone, both, or neither, there are copious ways to have a great time while celebrating your love for your friends, lovers, or yourself. For those of us looking for even more trendy tips, practical accessories, and flirty coverups, just check out our website

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February 10, 2022 — DTC Thrasio