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Pearls have long been associated with the height of glitz, glamour, but also grandma.

It’s no secret that nostalgic trends have their way of coming back around, from 70s high-waisted flare to Y2K low-rise. Considered a symbol of elegance, purity, and perfection, pearls have made a subtle comeback. Here’s how to incorporate the timeless jewel into your life in a way that feels fresh and playful.

pearlcore pearl hair clips on a marble background

What is Pearlcore?

Just like the name suggests, pearlcore is the revival of the natural beaded gemstone, making its way everywhere from your home to your hair. According to Pinterest in their 2022 Trend Report, the classic gem is predicted to be one of the biggest style trends this year that people of all ages will embrace. A staple of the craftcore aesthetic, pearlcore is what has us all rummaging through our gran’s jewelry boxes in search of vintage treasures. And what exactly is craftcore, you may be wondering? Think homespun, handmade, knit, crochet, cross-stitched, and everything in between. In other words, the latest aesthetic whose values revolve around a renewed sense of nostalgia. And in case you hadn’t noticed, craftcore fashion is having somewhat of a moment.

Top 10 Pearlcore Picks

Pearls are being used in a range of innovative ways, from embellishing claw clips to enhancing accessories and outfits. Dress them up or dress them down, adding pearls to any outfit can instantly elevate your look.

woman wearing pearlcore styled pearl edge cardigan

Vita Grace Pearl Edge Cardigan

1. Pearl Edge Cardigans

With ivory pearls edging the neck, these timeless cardigans are a wardrobe staple that go perfectly with denim jeans, shorts, and even miniskirts. Create a casual winter look or make it sporty chic with leather jogger pants.

girl with pearl makeup on supporting the pearlcore fashion trend


2. Pearl Makeup Looks

Embellish your eye makeup with Euphoria-esque self-adhesive pearls for a big statement with little effort. Place them scattered around your face, contouring a cat eye, or glued to your inner eye corners.

wear a pearl bucket bag for the pearlcore trend

Six Stories Pearl Bucket Bag

3. Faux Pearl Bucket Bags

A summer wardrobe staple, these mini beaded bucket bags or clutch bags can be worn with casual or classic evening outfits.

woman wearing pearl sunglasses with pearl earrings for the pearlcore trend


4. Pearl Circle Sunglasses

Make an iconic statement with these oversized circular pearl sunglasses, framed with elegant metalwork and imitation pearls. The perfect accessory to any ensemble.

vinnie hacker wearing the pearlcore fashion trend


5. Pearls with Sweats

Yes, you can wear pearls with sweats. As seen on TikToker Vinnie Hacker, pearls can actually elevate casual, street style looks. Whether you’re sporting a button down, a graphic tee, or no shirt at all, pairing classic with comfort creates tasteful contrast.

woman wearing pearl face mask chain


6. DIY Pearl Face Mask Chain

Keep your face mask accessible without compromising on style with these DIY pearl beaded mask chains. All you need is faux (or real) pearls, stringing wire, pliers, scissors, and a ruler.

woman wearing a pearl headband for the pearlcore trend

PrettyLittleThing Pearl Headband

7. Pearl Headbands

Blair Waldorf’s signature accessory, the pearl headband offers glamour and grace. Suitable for all hair types, whether styled or casual, pearl headbands are extremely versatile and comfortable to wear. 

harry styles wearing a pearl earring at the met gala


8. Pearl Studs

Simple and elegant, pearl studs go with almost anything and transition easily from day to night. Go for classic, diamond-rimmed, or baroque depending on your mood. You could even wear a singular pearl earring like Harry Styles did at the 2019 Met Gala. Up to you.

woman wearing a pearl bralette

Showpo. Pearl Bralette

9. Pearl Bralette

Layers, layers, layers! Wear a pearl bralette over a fitted blazer for an outfit you (and everyone you see that day) will remember. Forever. You can also go bare and wear the bralette with nothing underneath. Don’t want to expose too much? Pair it with Nippies Skin for undetectable coverage. 

pearl bowl with jewelry on a table full of pearlcore items

IreneArtResin Pearl Trinket Dish

10. Pearl Homeware

Who doesn’t love a fashion trend that extends itself into our interiors? Pearlcore is not only making waves in the makeup and fashion industry, but in the interior design world too. Look for decorative handmade porcelain bowls with a pearly glaze for your coffee table, or iridescent accents in your jewelry boxes.

woman wearing a real pearl necklace for her wedding

Real vs. Fake Pearls

Pearls are one of nature’s most glorious gems. From their radiant finish to the way they reflect light, these hidden treasures of the sea are precious. There are a couple ways to tell if pearls are real or fake, from their shape to their size.   

  1. Real pearls are heavier than fake pearls. Plastic and resin pearls will immediately feel more lightweight when held, while real pearls are normally heavier. Toss them gently in your hand and feel the difference.
  2. Real pearls are unique. Just like snowflakes, no two pearls are identical. They come in all shapes including oval, button, coin, drop, circled, and near-round. Not only do they vary in shape, but they differ in size, luster, and color.
  3. Real pearls aren’t perfectly round. While some natural pearls can come close to a perfectly round shape, most do not. On the other hand, manufactured pearls are always symmetrical.
  4. Real pearls are colder than fake pearls. Found buried in oyster shells from the depths of the deep blue sea, natural pearls will feel cold to the touch. In contrast, fake pearls will usually feel warmer and stay at room temperature.
  5. Real pearls are expensive. If you’re looking at pearls and the price tag feels like it’s too good to be true, you’re probably right.

Although there are some tips and tricks to buying pearls and judging whether they’re real or not, imitation techniques today so sophisticated that it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference.


Pearls have left their mark everywhere – from your hair, to your home, to your wardrobe. Once considered a symbol of purity, pearlcore brings back the timeless trend in way that feels new and refreshing. Harry Styles and Machine Gun Kelly have also been shaking up men’s fashion, serving iconic pearlcore looks. Pearls have become the contemporary choice for everyday outfits. Simply put, pearlcore is grandma meets glamorous – and it looks like it’s here to stay.


Contributing Writer: Tatyana Khashoggi


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