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One of the most uncomfortable items of clothing for women is the bra. You probably know the struggles of wearing one all day, every day. It often feels like something is hugging you tightly, making you feel constricted. And there's no better feeling than removing your bra at the end of the day. While you can choose to go braless, many women are too familiar with the self-consciousness, nervousness, embarrassment, and boob-stares that come with attempting to be free even for a day. Plus, you may want the support and shaping that bras give without discomfort.

The good news is there are several traditional bra alternatives to forgo your underwire or even get a minimum coverage for a backless dress. There are so many great options for women of all bust sizes and shapes, from nipple covers like the Nippies Skin to inserts, boob tapes, adhesive bras, and even bras with no underwire. Stay with us for a quick rundown on more comfortable ways to support your breasts.

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Why Do Underwires Hurt?

Underwires can press into your chest and rub and pinch the breasts, thus causing breast pain and skin irritations. The skin around the breasts will become sore to the touch, and generally, wearing a bra can be really uncomfortable. The wire could protrude out of the fabric if your bra is worn out, thereby poking your sides and cutting or scraping the skin. As if that wasn't enough, skin contact with the metal can cause contact dermatitis in some women.

There are many reasons your underwire may hurt, with the most common one being a bad fit. If your bra is too small, the underwire will sit on your breast tissue or stretch too far and start to dig in at the armpit. On the other hand, if the bra size is too large, the underwire may sit too low on your ribs and apply too much pressure on that area. But even for a fitting bra, underwires may not be the most comfortable option for support out there.

How Can I Support My Breasts Without A Bra?

Bras serve a purpose; they provide coverage, support your breasts, and help your clothes to fit better. But you don't need them to achieve all these benefits. There are countless ways to support your breasts without a bra, from bralettes to bandeaus, bodysuits, and even corsets. Keep reading for more information on the best alternatives to wearing a bra.

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Are There Any Bra Alternatives To Wearing A Bra?

A good bra is one of the most important undergarments for women. But what if your current bra isn't working for you? There's no secret that we get tired of bras from time to time, not to mention the great sense of relief we get when we take them off at the end of the day. Most women don't like the uncomfortable underwire bras. And some special occasions call for gowns and dresses that shouldn't lose their shine with bad brassiere choices. Luckily, there are quite a number of bra alternatives to consider that offer considerable support and coverage. Whether you want something that doesn't nip, is more comfortable, or doesn't show straps, we've got you covered. Here are a few alternatives to wearing a bra to get you started:

Wireless Bra: Healthy Bra Alternatives

Although a wireless bra is technically still a bra, it's a safer and healthier alternative to underwire. These bras feature seamless, smooth cups that give you breast support without sacrificing comfort. Go for those made with thicker fabric to provide better support and coverage.

Non-Wired Bodysuits

Bodysuits have become a fashion staple. They are crafted using expandable, breathable fabric to fit snugly and help clean up any bulges to give you that hourglass figure. You can choose to wear a bodysuit and ditch the bra altogether as they come with built-in bras, allowing for coverage and breast support. Their ability to contour your body makes them the best bra alternatives for a large bust.

Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra, also known as a stick-on bra, is a great alternative to an underwire bra that still offers shape and definition. They are suitable for strapless, one-shoulder, backless, or deep V-neck outfits. Although they are still like a bra, they don't touch any body part except for the breasts. This makes them ideal for people with shoulder or neck pain.

Nipple Pasties

If you want to be free from straps, underwires, and bands but still need subtle coverage, then nipple pasties are your best bet. They are like stickers and cover only your nipples, thus allowing you to go bra-less without showing or revealing too much. There are many pasties to choose from as they come in different materials (lace, satin, and sequins), colors, designs (hearts, stars, or crosses), patches, and decorative. You can wear these nipple stickers underneath strapless dresses, low-neck tops, swimwear, and gowns with thinner and flimsier fabrics or sophisticated designs. The best part is they are washable, waterproof, and re-usable.

Nipple Covers

This is another way of going braless without being completely exposed. Nipple covers are made of silicone gel and are typically round, stretching beyond the nipple to cover the entire areola. They are available in a range of skin tones, so you're rest assured that nothing will grab attention from underneath your sheer clothing. They may not provide support but offer a layer between your skin and clothing, thus preventing nipple chafing, masking erect nipples, and making it less evident that you are going braless.

Boob Tape

Boob tapes were made famous by celebrities; they offer considerable support, coverage, and lift while enhancing your breasts' overall shape and décolletage. You could push the girls together for a more noticeable cleavage or lift and shape them gently, so you look like you just had an incredible boob job. Boob tapes come in various skin tones and shades and are suitable for backless and plunge or low-cut dresses.

Go Braless

It is possible to do away with all this and just let things hang loose. You may feel nervous and self-conscious initially, but after a while of easing into it, you'll feel more confident, comfortable, and free than ever.


Regarding undergarments for women, we all have different tastes and preferences. That is why we've outlined several bra alternatives so you can choose what works for you. At B-Six, we have a wide collection of nipple covers, including bra alternatives for seniors, large breasts, and even small breasts.

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