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When you’re going braless but still want a small amount of coverage, nipple pasties are the answer to all your wardrobe woes. Braless living, whether for fashion or comfort, can be liberating, but also a little intimidating. The best nipple covers come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, and they’re so comfortable and lightweight, you’ll forget you have them on!

We’ve all been there – spending hours trying to put together the perfect outfit, only to realize that nothing in your undergarments drawer seems to fit flawlessly underneath. With Nippies Skin, you’ll be able to wear whatever, whenever, without worrying about a nip slip! But how do you know which nipple pads to go with? We’re answering all the questions below, so you can join the #NoBraClub and master the braless trend, no matter the occasion.

Are Nippies Skin Waterproof?

Nippies Skin are water-resistant and sweat proof.

What Nippies Skin size is right for me?

Nippies come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. For heart pasties and cross nipple covers, check out Nippies Basics. For a more au natural look, opt for Nippies Skin, coming in crème, caramel, and coco colors, and bra sizes one (A-C cups) and two (D+ cups).

I have breast implants, are Nippies Skin safe?

Made with high quality, hypoallergenic medical materials, Nippies Skin should be safe to wear, even if you’ve had a breast augmentation. However, breast implants can affect nipple sensitivity, so you should always test them out and see how you feel before wearing them in public.

How do I properly care for and store my Nippies Skin?

The specially formulated adhesive bra alternative is easy to clean with gentle soap and water. Once dry, the self-adhesive properties are restored! You can let it air dry on your counter or towel, adhesive or skin side up. Stored in a chic and discreet carrying case, our boob covers stay clean and protected. Perfect to keep in your purse or pocket for on-the-go outfit changes.

Are Nippies Skin reusable?

Yes, Nippies Skin are reusable! These nipple cover stickers are reusable for as long as they last and will vary from person to person and situation to situation. They work by using a silicone, waterproof adhesive to hold them in place on your nipples.

How long do Nippies Skin last?

Nippies Skin are typically reusable for up to 30 times, but there are a couple things you should do to help keep them good as new.

  1. Never apply lotions, perfumes, oils, or other products to the area where you are wearing the nipple pads. The glue won’t stick on oily or sweaty skin and will be less strong.
  2. Take off the reusable nipple covers and wash the area well with soap and water before you re-apply them.
  3. Put your Nippies on clean, dry skin. If you’re taking a shower, wait until you’re in a dry environment before putting them on.

How do you apply Nippies Skin?

Applying Nippies Skin is simple and easy, but the first time you do it, it can be a little intimidating.

  1. Clean and dry your skin. Lotions and oils will prevent Nippies Skin from sticking.
  2. Press on firmly to release any air underneath to form suction.
  3. Hold for a few seconds as body heat will help keep Nippies Skin in place.

Do Nippies Skin cause skin irritation?

While our boob pasties usually don’t tend to cause any irritation, we recommended that you always test your new pair of Nippies before you wear them out in public, especially if you have sensitive skin. To test them out, try wearing them around the house for a couple hours and see how you feel!

To avoid skin irritation, don’t wear them for longer than 6 hours at a time. While we use hypoallergenic materials, we can’t guarantee that you won’t be sensitive to even the best materials. If you have adhesive sensitivity, you may develop irritation.

DO NOT USE this product on sensitive skin, open cuts, skin disorders, sun-burned skin, or depigmentation. And of course, discontinue use if you experience irritation!

Can I apply skincare products before wearing my Nippies Skins?

We recommend that you avoid applying rich creams, balms, lotions, and oils before putting on your Nippies. If you do apply skincare products, you should wait until the cream has been fully absorbed into your skin before applying your breast pasties.

What type of clothing can I wear with my Nippies Skins?

Whether you’re wearing sheer, summer whites, or a slinky backless dress, Nippies Skin instantly solves any outfit dilemma. Our pastie stickers can even be worn under swimwear, sports bras, lingerie, backless bras, and bandeau dresses, making for great strapless bra alternatives. Nippies Basics and Nippies Skin are wardrobe classics – they go with anything, anytime, anywhere. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort again!

Can I wear Nippies Skins while I exercise?

Nippies Skins are designed to be worn underneath your clothes, without the worry of them falling off or getting in the way of your day-to-day. You can wear them to hot yoga, dance class, a shopping spree, or even to the office! Whether you’re going out to a party or to the gym, our reusable nipple pads are designed to make you feel cool and confident no matter the activity.

Can I wear Nippies Skin under swimsuits and swim with them?

Absolutely! These waterproof nipple covers can be worn under swimsuits, summer dresses, and even topless! Nippies Skins are a great way to feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit, especially those that need a little extra coverage. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the topless tan, you’ll need a nice pair of Nippies Basic or Nippies Skin to give your nipples that extra layer of protection when in the sun, or when using bronzers and sun beds.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a braless living veteran, a first timer, or you’re considering freeing the nipple and skipping the bra but not the coverage, B-Six has got you covered.

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December 15, 2021 — DTC Thrasio