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Favorite Fashion Accessories Under $50

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A new season is on the horizon, time to shake the winter blues and update your collection of fashion accessories. From pretty, delicate crossbody bags to delicate earrings, there are lots of great women's accessory options on the market to help you revamp your style. It can be overwhelming to narrow down which fashion accessories you want to spend your hard-earned money on. That's why we put together seven can't-miss options for adding an extra bit of flair to your spring and summer wardrobe. Plus, you can find versions of all these hot accessories for well under $50, making them ideal for a fashionista on a budget. 

A Fun Crossbody Bag

Big, bulky purses are so 2000s. The hottest new trend in handbags is the crossbody bag. Crossbody bags are light, easy to bring with you wherever you go, and are still large enough to fit a small assortment of essentials, such as lip gloss, keys, your phone, gum, and your wallet. Crossbody bags are available from many retailers in a wide variety of colors and designs. Here are a few crossbody bag styles you should definitely check out:

  • Leopard print, for a fun pop of animal print.
  • Pastel, such as light pink or baby blue.
  • A classic color, such as taupe or camel, to go with any outfit.

Try styling your crossbody bag with a chic professional ensemble, or slung over your shoulder for a fun evening out at a concert or live event venue. You might just wonder how you ever managed without one. 

Crossbody bag women's fashion accessory

Women's Fashion Hair Accessories

Headbands are a great way to keep your hair under control, all while adding that extra edge to your outfit. While there are literally hundreds of headband designs and styles to choose from, one particularly trendy way to rock a headband is by choosing a fabulous pearl-studded style. Pearls have always been associated with glamour, and combining the pearl look with the functionality of a headband is a truly unbeatable combination. Pearl headbands look particularly cute and timeless when worn with loose, flowing waves, and are perfect for days when you want to look feminine and classic.

Another accessory that is designed not just for your hair, silk scarves are a can't-miss option for any budget. Silk scarves are one of the hottest women's fashion accessories of the season. Silk scarves are available in a wide variety of colors and price points, so you can choose to customize your look to fit a certain theme or event, or buy a handful of scarves and switch them out throughout the spring and summer months. Try keeping one or two in your handbag, so if you find yourself out and about, and in need of a cute fashion accessory, you don't have to sweat it - you can simply tie a cute silk scarf in your hair or around your neck in a jaunty bow.

Women with trendy hair fashion scarf accessory

Colorful Barrettes

Don't neglect your fashion hair accessories when filling your online cart. Barrettes have long since evolved past the clunky styles worn by elementary school children, and have become a particularly trendy way to show off your unique style in recent years. Colorful barrettes, in shades like cobalt blue, pearlescent pink, and bright red, are all excellent ways to add an extra bit of color to your look without spending a lot of money. Most barrettes, such as some of the styles found on Amazon, are well under $20. For that price, you can grab a few packs, so that you will have a new barrette to try every week of the season.

Hair clips for a fashion accessory

Sheer Spring Dresses

There's nothing like a light, comfortable dress to make you feel spring-ready. Sheer dresses are the hot new dress trend of the season, since they are perfect for layering over lace camisoles or underneath warm sweaters, in case the temperature drops a bit. If you want to add a sheer dress to your wardrobe of spring and summer fashion accessories, make sure to grab some nipple covers as well, to give yourself an extra bit of protection and enhance your confidence while rocking your new look. 

Sheer dress for spring and summer fashion

Novelty Nipple Covers

Whether you are rocking a sheer new summer dress or a boho-style top, there's nothing quite like the freedom of going braless. When you want to try out one of these hot new summer trends while maintaining a bit of protection, try out some heart-shaped nipple covers. These breathable, slightly supportive pasties are fun and trendy, offering you comfort, coverage, and the slightest edge that will certainly be the perfect complement to any outfit. 

Heart Shaped Nipple Covers | B-Six

A Fringed Handbag

Western fashion accessories are super-hot lately, especially with the resurgence of cowboy culture and TV shows glamorizing the Western lifestyle. It's expensive to deck yourself out like a weekend cowboy, with certain accessories like cowboy boots costing upwards of $1,000, it's still possible to add a bit of Western flair to your fashion accessories wardrobe. A small fringed handbag is a great way to add a touch of rustic chic to your look without spending a fortune. Many of these small bags are only around $30-$40 dollars, so purchasing one will still allow for plenty of room in your budget. Here are some other ways to add a Western touch to your look:

  • A vest or jacket with fringe.
  • A colorful turquoise or rhinestone belt.
  • Turquoise jewelry, such as a vintage set of earrings.

Fringed Handbag

A Good Graphic Tee

Express yourself and show the world what you love with a graphic tee that perfectly expresses your personality. You can find lots of great graphic tees at resale shops and thrift stores, while larger chain stores like Target also carry a fabulous ongoing selection of graphic tees. Whether you want to rock the logo of your favorite band, or show off your preference for a certain soda brand, a graphic tee is not only versatile but expressive as well. Best of all, a graphic tee pairs perfectly with everything from distressed jeans to a classic pencil skirt. Try rocking a new graphic tee with some comfortable shorts, a stylish silk scarf, and your new crossbody bag for a look that is casual, but still very polished. 

Woman shopping for graphic t-shirt

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