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The 1970s marked a time of exploring who you are and how you express yourself. And what better way to do that than through fashion? Over the decades, fashion has a tendency to pull nostalgic looks from other generations and time periods with an elevated feel to bring it into modern times.

So, is 70s fashion coming back in 2022? The answer is a resounding yes. And frankly, we’re here for it. 

It may surprise you to learn that lots of the styles in lookbooks and your favorite stores now are deeply drawing from 70s fashion trends. Whether you’re giving off Cher, Janis Joplin boho rocker, or 70s supermodel Twiggy vibes, there’s a vintage look in store for you (and even some fashion fixes to pull it off exactly how you’re envisioning it!).

What 70s Outfit Trends are Coming Back in 2022?

From chunky platform shoes to flared jeans with a vintage aesthetic, clothes trends popularized in the 70s are starting to pop up on runways, Instagram feeds, and boutiques all over. 

And what’s not to love? The 70s fashion comeback brings a little bit of something for everyone. There’s Jackie Kennedy-esque professional-wear pantsuits, disco fashion accents for a little flash and sparkle, groovy prints, and flowy boho looks that read casual yet chic. Whatever your personal fashion preference is, there’s vintage 70s outfits waiting for you to pull them into the modern times. 

Not sure which 70s-inspired look fits your style? No worries. Let’s look at a few popular trends of the time – styles we’re sure you’ve already seen out and about – to give you some 70s fashion ideas. 

7 of the Top 70s Fashion TrendsGirl in a 70s outfit

1. Groovy Prints

    Groovy 70s print clothing hanging up

    Definitely a carryover from the 1960s, with peace and love came groovy 70s prints. These loud, fun, and funky designs boast bright colors and somewhat psychedelic patterns like wavy lines and contrasting shapes. From geometric patterns to paisley-printed – we’re seeing it all! 

    2. Earth Tone Colors

      70s fashion earth tone outfit

      Pairing yellow, brown, and orange became popular, not just in 70s fashion ideas but in home decor and advertising, too. These color combos are coming back in full force, giving a vintage aesthetic to modern styles. Bright yellow, in particular, is having a moment right now. Adding yellow to a brown outfit gives it a warm 70s-inspired pop, even when it’s a muted shade like mustard or goldenrod. 

      3. Patchwork

      Woman in a 70s fashion patchwork outfit

      Originally in vogue due to a shortage of materials, patchwork has no shortage of style in this season’s ensembles. Patchwork takes a big cue from 70s fashion trends, threading mismatched textures and prints into a stylish masterpiece.This stitched-together DIY look is evocative of the current consciousness toward sustainability and resourcefulness, recycling scraps into cool, new items for today’s use.

      4. Flared Pants

      vintage 70s flared pants

      In the 1960s and 1970s, pants became increasingly popular due to the women’s liberation movement and changing expectations from women in general. Seeing the light of day again, one of the most memorable 70s fashion trends was flared pants. Whether it was on a pair of jeans or a flowy pantsuit, flare was how to wear it and how you’ll see it done in 2022. 

      5. Boho Folk

      Woman in a yellow boho vintage 70s outfit

      Think rocker Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, and disco sensation Donna Summer – flowy peasant dresses, fringe, leather vests, and dreamy shawls reigned supreme. A boho, folk-influenced wardrobe gives off a whimsical, artsy vibe. For a modern upgrade to your bohemian look, try accessorizing this 70s style with a pair of booties, cowboy boots, or a wide-brimmed hat. 

      6. Tie Dye

      Woman wearing a tie dye 70s outfit sitting in a yoga pose

      Tie dye puts a 70s twist on all your favorites, from bright and bold casual workout wear to tasteful shibori-style maxi dresses. It’s an easy way to dip your fashion toes into bold color and an interesting print without diving head first into loud, funky prints. If you’re crafty, you can even try your hand at tie-dying your own clothes for a truly one-of-a-kind garment. 

      7. Disco

      A group of dancing women in 70s disco fashion

      Sequins, glitter, and opulent gold – it appears as if fashion has disco fever! From weddings to going out for a night on the town, you’re guaranteed to see dazzling mirrorball glitz and flashy party wear that’ll look straight out of Studio 54. These shiny, glam, disco-inspired looks let you channel your inner superstar…but don’t let it stop on the dance floor! There’s plenty of sequin-studded cardigans and gold lamé blouses to bring a little boogie into your daily rotation, too. 

      How to Recreate 70's Outfits 

      Vintage and secondhand stores are a perfect way to scoop up some signature 70s fashion, some of which might even be authentically from the era. Sure, it can be anxiety-inducing to search the racks only to find vintage aesthetic clothes that don’t fit quite right or have noticeable malfunctions. But there’s always fashion fixes, so don’t let something like a minor muffin top or faulty zipper stand in the way of your dream vintage 70s outfits. 

      Here are the top 3 accessories to add to your style toolbox as you begin to scope out vintage 70s outfits and 70s fashion ideas.

      1. Double-Sided Fashion Tape

        Stylin’ Tape can do a world of wonders for a too-long pant suit, a paisley blouse missing its bottom 3 buttons, or the straps of a fabulous gold sequin dress that won’t stay up on your shoulders. Use the tape to temporarily tailor those pants, close the blouse gap, or secure those straps down. You can even use the tape to affix a little 70s flair onto an otherwise basic outfit. It’s double-sided and comes in 3 sizes to tackle some of the toughest fixes you’ll find. 

        2. Nipple Covers

          Some of those crochet boho loops, crop tops, and low-cut sequin numbers may leave you scratching your head as to how you can comfortably have fun without flashing everyone in sight. That’s where the nippies basic and nippies skin nipple covers come in handy. Whether you need one-time nipple pasties or a reusable, seamless coverage solution, you can boogie in your Studio 54-inspired outfit worry-free. 

          3. Adjust-a-Button

            Say you find the most stylish pair of floral-embroidered flared jeans that just don’t quite fit in the waist. The Adjust-A-Button can help you loosen a tight waistline or tighten a baggy pair to make your fashion find fit as snug as a vintage glove. You can also use the Adjust-a-Button to replace missing buttons and clasps on killer clothing items that still have a lot of wear left in them. 


            When it comes to fashion, what’s old is more than likely to become new again. In 2022, the resurgence of 70s fashion trends is no exception. So, pop on those aviator glasses and get to styling! No look is off-limits if it feels so ‘you’ and if you have these styling staples in your fashion toolkit.
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