Nippies Precut Breast Tape (12 Pieces)

By B-Six


Discover the ultimate solution for shaping and customizing your look with Nippies Precut Tape™.

This innovative boob tape is an adhesive sticky bra and backless bra alternative offering 12 pieces (6 large and 6 small) in three flattering shades (creme, caramel, and coco) to seamlessly blend with your skin tone and outfit.

Experience the soft stretch of our premium, lingerie-level fabrics that contour to your body for a smooth, wrinkle-free fit. Nippies Precut Tape™ is compatible with sensitive skin types, ensuring all-day wear without irritation, making it the ideal skin-safe option. Create custom cleavage that blends effortlessly for stylish all-day comfort, perfect for a night out, special events, or daily wear. Nippies Precut Tape™ provides the support you need to lift and sculpt your curves, making it a reliable and discreet alternative to traditional adhesive bras and backless bras.

Elevate your style with Nippies Precut Tape™, and embrace the confidence that comes from knowing you look and feel your best. Order now and experience the perfect combination of comfort, customization, and chic, seamless support.