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Revamp Your Wardrobe with an Adjustable Pants Button (Adjust-A-Button)

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Skinny jeans are out. Loose-fitting jeans are IN, and it seems like they’re going to be here for a while. But, here’s the issue - loose-fitting jeans are notoriously hard to make fit properly. Whether or not you have curves, loose denim just isn’t designed to hug your body the way our outdated skinny jeans (or, dare we even mention, jeggings) are. 
So, how can we keep up with the latest trends without spending too much cash?

Enter the adjustable pants button. Listen in, because this inexpensive little accessory is about to change your entire wardrobe for, like, the rest of your life. By the time this is over, you’ll wonder how the loose-fitting jeans pioneers of the 90s didn’t have these amazing buttons to work with.

These little button pins can take any loose-fitting garment (not just jeans) and turn it into the snug, form-fitting look of your dreams, all with the literal click of a button. What’s more, they can 

We’re sure you’re getting impatient, so let’s get into the how’s, why’s, and origins of this little fashion fixer! 

How This Fashion Fix Rose to Fame

Everyone (and we mean everyone) has been talking about fashion hacks for a while now (maybe the pandemic gave us a little more time to make some wardrobe changes and adjustments?), but the adjustable pants button has stood out among the rest as being one of the least expensive, most effective ways to change up your pants, shirts, or sweaters. But this begs the question - where did it come from?

Well, like most trends these days, the answer is TikTok

While we don’t quite know who was the first to find these button pins for jeans, almost all of the videos made about them go viral, and still come back into popularity every now and again. So, why do they keep popping back up?

Because they’re easy to use, and get amazing results, of course!

Nowadays, this TikTok jean hack can be found almost anywhere. However, the sad truth is that not all button pins are created equal! You can find a lot of cheap pins, but if you want some that won’t break, bend, or unbutton on you, we highly recommend our adjustable pants button set. You’ll get 2 buttons that won’t budge, even if you’re bending, running, or dancing the night away.

Trust us: with these, all your clothes will look tailor-made! 

So, How Do You Use an Adjustable Pants Button?

Button pins are incredibly easy to use once you get the general idea. We’ve broken it down how to tighten or loosen pants on the hips or waist into a handy step-by-step guide here:

  1. Remove the fastener. This can be a little difficult at first, no matter what kind of pin you’re using. After all, they’re built to last! Be sure to do this carefully, as the end of the pin is pretty sharp. To remove the fastener easily, pull the tab on the back of the fastener. Bing bang boom!
  2. Find your desired location. For a tighter fit on jeans, place it to the right of the actual button. For a looser fit, place it to the left. For those that don’t want an asymmetrical zipper, we recommend going to the back of the jeans and folding access fabric inward, and sticking the button pin through that. It’s a little bulkier, but looks great on the front!
  3. Place the back fastener onto the post. Once you hear a little click, you’ll know that button is there to stay.

What Kinds of Clothes Can You Use These On?

While many fashion frontrunners use these button pins for jeans exclusively, their potential goes way beyond the realm of denim. You can use these adjustable pants buttons for just about any piece of clothing you own to tailor it to your desired fit. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with these wardrobe game changers:

1. Shirts/Blouses

Missing a button on your new blouse? Or maybe you’re looking for a slightly tighter fit? While our button pins don’t work on every shirt, thicker shirts and blouses that need tailoring are perfect! 

  • One common use is to use our pins as an added button for ‘breast holes’ - those spaces in between buttons on shirts that were clearly not made with women in mind. Try placing a button here so you don’t have to spend the day panicking about whether or not anyone can see your bra.
  • Another use is to pin back a shirt that might be a little big. Pin it near the waist in the back and make sure that the button is inside the shirt if you don’t want it to be seen (though some people have used it as an accessory, and that totally works too).

2. Sweaters

Whether you’re trying to make a sweater-crop or just form fit your sweater a little more, adjustable pants buttons are perfectly suited to sweaters. The bulky fabric allows the button to be hidden with ease, allowing you to create the perfect tailored look. As with the shirts, you can pin your sweater in the back, or alternatively you can use them to take in the hem at the bottom of the sweater for a chic sweater dress look. For crops, fold your sweater up, and pin the hem on the inside.

3. Skirts

Any skirts that are too big, have a broken zipper, or are missing a button can benefit from button pins. You have even more leeway with skirts, as the fabric is thin and easily movable without creating too much bulk in one area. You can also create an innovative new look for long skirts by pinning one side of the skirt up, and leaving the other down. A suave look that shows some leg - just in time for spring!

4. Scarves

Scarves can be finicky, and have a bad habit of slipping off after even the slightest gust of wind. Use our jean button pins to pin your scarf around your neck. It keeps it on securely, and makes for a lovely accent piece to your entire look. 

Final Thoughts

As thrifting becomes a more popular way to shop, learning how to tailor your own clothing has become a household necessity. Check out our other fashion fixes and products for tips, how-to’s, and more! 


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