Ahh, technology! Don’t you hate it when sites don’t work right?
Even though we’ve put a bunch of effort into testing and tweaking; sites behave differently on different computers and unfortunately we don’t always see the problems.


If things aren’t working quite right, here are a few tips to try;

• Quit your current browser and try a different one altogether. If you are using IE, then try Firefox. It tends to get along with our site better than most. Internet Explorer…um, not so much.

• If you added a product to your bag, and your shopping cart is
still showing empty; Make sure to add a number in the quantity box on the product’s page before you click add to bag.

• If you can’t get the drop downs to work, try clicking on the word instead of the side arrow.

Ok, that didn’t help?

Send an email to b6service@bristols6.com or give us a call at 310.450.2202 and we will personally help you complete your purchase!