Stylin' Tape FAQ


Keep your clothes where they belong and much, much more.

• Eliminate slipping straps

• Fix fallen hems and torn seams fast
• Hold up sagging socks
• Secure gaping and low-cut necklines
• Nix knickers peeking out of pants
• Close blouse gaps between buttons
• Anchor t-shirts that ride up
• Adorn clothes with jewels, a foolproof way to spice up basics
• Get a grip on strappy sling-back shoes
• Create cleavage with wide strips by lifting and taping up a strapless bra.
• Create cuffs on blouses and tees
• Anchor lapels and collars
• Keep danceline and cheerleading uniforms in place during performances
• TSA approved alternative to a sewing kit
• Even works to close or hem curtains!

Q: I have a silk charmeuse dress, will Stylin’ Tape hurt it?
A: No! Stylin’ Tape is specially designed to adhere to the finest of fabrics without puckering or damaging your garment.

Q: Will Stylin‘ Tape hold up after sweating from dancing?
A: Yes, it is waterproof, so go ahead and dance the night away.

Q: Does it work on more than clothes?
A: You bet. The adhesive is strong enough to keep shoe straps in place (we all know about slipping slingbacks!) as well as scarves and even body jewelry!