Nippies Skin FAQ


Don't leave home without them...

• Wear adhesive version in place of a bra under sheer tops and dresses.

• Wear under sports bras when working out so the focus is on your abs and not your nips

 • Wear under swimwear for a smooth, nip free day in the sun.
• Slip under bralettes and bandeau tops.
• Ideal for all backless dresses or tops.
• Gives you a natural look, and works with your curves. No pointy uni-boob
• Use at photoshoots and formal events where nipping out is out of the picture.
• Feel confident and secure in chilly air-conditioned offices.
• A great way to pack light when traveling. No need to pack strapless or padded bras.

Q: Are Nippies Skin reusable?
A: Yes, you can wash and wear them up to 30 times. Even then, they will still work under tight fitting tops & bras.

Q: How are they packaged?
A: Nippies Skin come specially packaged in a discreet yet cool, chic croc box you can take anywhere.

Q: I coach a dance team, which version would you recommmend.
A: Since the girls are most likely wearing sports bras, we would recommend the non adhesive version.