Your waistband's new best friend

Finally, a movable button that alters waistbands in a flash! Adding or reducing up to 1½ inches is as easy as inserting a pin. To tighten, simply poke the pin through your waistband on the outside of the current button. Need to loosen things up a bit? Just poke the pin through the waistband on the inside of your current button. The strong spring back clasp locks the button in place, yet quickly releases for repeated use. Plus, it's the easiest, no-sew fix for lost buttons around. Don’t sacrifice comfort anymore, just customize your fit with Adjust-a-Button.

Product Features
• Close the back gap – Pear body shapes can tighten the waist “gap”.
• Smooth “Muffin Tops”- Apple body shapes can extend jeans to avoid fleshy overflow.
• Flat back clasp won’t poke or pinch you.
• Easy to move, pin-like button can quickly be reused and repositioned as needed.
• Strong construction is even more durable than jeans buttons.