Nippies Tape/Cross Bundle

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Achieving your perfect look has never been easier with this bundle.


Nippies Tape

Our all-new Nippies Breast Tape will help you enhance your natural figure, without unwanted bra lines. Made with our exclusive Soft-Stretch™ technology, Nippies Breast Tape can be cut into strips and layered for extra support.

Gentle on Skin: Our Nippies Breast Tape is made from premium nylon and medical-grade adhesive which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. It’s hypoallergenic too!

Color Options: Nippies  Breast Tape comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to match skin tones or dress colors. Go light for bright shirts and swim suits and dark for evening gowns and dresses.

Bra Replacement: Ditch uncomfortable wires and visible straps for Nippies  Breast Tape. Get the support you need without limiting your wardrobe options.

Water Resistant: Nippies Breast Tape is water resistant, allowing you to wear it under your favorite swim apparel to achieve the perfect cleavage. Works great with one or two-piece swimsuits!


  • 80% nylon, 20% elastane fabric
  • Medical-grade adhesive


  • Length - 16.5 feet (5.5 yards)
  • Width - 2 inches

How To Wear

Test first! Apply a small patch of tape to your chest for 24 hours to check for any sensitivity.

Do not apply over broken, damaged, or sun-burned skin. Discontinue use immediately if redness, discoloration, or other irritation occurs.

  1. Clean and dry skin
  2. Hold tape up to breast to determine how much you need, unroll and cut. Tip: When in doubt, cut longer strips!
  3. Carefully peel back part of the liner, lift up your breast, and place slightly above the breast’s base. This prevents tape from sticking to itself.  Tip: We recommend applying nipple covers (sold separately) before applying tape.
  4. Use one hand to lift up your breast and the other to gently pull the tape up. Tip: Use a mirror to check your work!
  5. Press tape down onto your chest for a secure hold.
  6. Rub tape gently to smooth wrinkles and activate adhesive.

Repeat steps with more strips until you achieve the look you desire. Make sure to apply enough tape to support your breast size. If necessary, carefully trim off excess tape. 

How To Remove

  1. Completely saturate tape in baby oil or coconut oil for at least 15 minutes. 

  2. Carefully peel tape away.  Tip: Pull tape back against itself, not at a 45º angle – and definitely NOT like a bandage.

  1. Use a cotton pad and oil to remove any remaining adhesive from your skin. Tip: Plan to shower after tape removal to wash off excess oil.

Use Precautions: Darker skin tones may temporarily lighten or discolor with adhesive use. Do not use on open wounds or cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or depigmentation. If you have skin or adhesive sensitivities, wear with caution, and after removing per directions, gently dry skin and apply a moisturizing lotion.

Cross Nipple Covers

Made with our exclusive breathable Soft-StretchTM technology, Nippies Basics shape, smooth and are slightly supportive. The perfect solution when you can't (or don't want to!) wear a bra. Available in 2 skin tones & basic black in satin and lace for beautiful coverage you won't want to hide.


  • 1 roll of Nippies breast tape
  • 2 pairs of disposable nipple covers
  • 1 pair of lace and 1 pair of satin cross shape
  • 4 nipple pads & 2 mini patch tests.


Product Details

Sculpt your perfect lifted look: Create a comfortable, lasting lift to get the cleavage you want (or don’t want) to see – our boob tape is perfect for strapless or backless outfits, lower-cut necklines, halters, and more
Match your skin or outfit: Choose from 5 color options – Black, Coco, Caramel, Creme, or White
Lingerie-level fabric: Soft-Stretch design lays smoothly and blends seamlessly into every outfit while staying breathable and comfortable
Skin-safe adhesive: Medical-grade adhesive makes this boob tape strong on its hold but gentle on your skin
Water-resistant: Feel secure that your Nippies boob lift tape will stay put – works great with one or two-piece swimsuits and combats sweat on hot, sticky days
Customize for your cup size: Use as much or as little boob tape as required to sculpt the look you want with the lift you need
Multiple styles, one roll: Exude confidence in off-shoulder, plunging neckline, halter, one shoulder, spaghetti strap, or strapless tops
All hold, no holding back: With Nippies boobie tape, you get a strong lift and coverage without uncomfortable underwires and unsightly straps cramping your style
Each pack includes: 1 roll of Nippies breast tape

How To Wear Nippies Tape/Cross Bundle

Nippies breast lift tape empowers you to craft and sculpt the look you want to achieve for practically any occasion. Try the traditional clamshell coverage, criss-cross the tape to lift and press your breasts, or vary each side depending on your outfit’s unique style. Your technique and where you choose to stick the tape will change based on what you’re wearing.

How to use breast tape?
Breast tape allows you to live in your flawless look and achieve an extra lift where a regular bra would fall flat. Try it with strapless tops, deeper necklines, cut-out backs, and more. With our water-resistant design, you can even wear boob tape with the most interestingly cut swimsuits. Nippies Tape is like a build-your-own adhesive bra tailor-made to your body. But the best part? No uncomfortable underwires or straps.

When you’re ready to wear the tape, first test for skin sensitivities or reactions. Place a strip of tape on your breast for a couple hours. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If concerned, consult a physician. If no reaction occurs, you’re good to go with these simple steps:

Unroll and cut the amount of tape you need. It’s a good practice to measure a little longer to ensure you’ll get the lift you want. You can trim later.
Peel the back of the adhesive away.
Lift your breast up to the desired spot. Then press the tape down onto your breast. Pull the tape up for added lift or in for more cleavage.

Tip: Layer tape strips for extra reinforcement

How To Remove Boob Tape:
Pull gently and carefully. Do not rip off. Dispose once removed.

Darker skin tones may temporarily lighten or discolor with adhesive use. Do not use on open wounds or cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or depigmentation. If you have skin or adhesive sensitivities, wear with caution.

How To Care For & Store Nippies Tape/Cross Bundle

Once you’ve perfected your look, wind any unused breast tape roll back up and store it away for your next breathtaking design. Fit in a dresser drawer, vanity, desk, or closet storage – it’s the perfect, compact size to take on the go, too.

Since Nippies breast tape is designed for one-time use, you can discard the boob tape strips after wearing them.