Subscription Services

We may offer subscription services that allow you to schedule recurring orders. Subscribers will automatically be charged for selected products based on the frequency of your choice until you end the program. You acknowledge that by opting-in to the subscription program you are agreeing to these subscription terms (“Subscription Terms”) and these Terms of Use, and further authorize Thrasio and our third-party payment processors to access your billing information to automatically charge the payment method associated with your subscription.


While we do not charge a fee for these subscription services, subscribers remain responsible for paying any fees incurred in connection with purchasing selected products, which include without limitation, shipping and handling charges and any taxes. Subscribers determine how often to place orders and will be charged based on the selected subscription schedule (e.g., monthly subscribers will be charged each month), unless you cancel your order or the subscription in a timely manner in accordance with these Subscription Terms. Total charges may vary and may increase or decrease, depending on the cost of the goods purchased. We generally send order confirmation notices to the email associated with your subscription prior to placing your order. Our confirmation notices include information about your subscription, including upcoming charges, when you will be billed, and how to cancel the subscription service.


Subscribers may cancel their subscription services at any time in accordance with these Subscription Terms. To cancel the subscription program, you must unsubscribe at least seven (7) days prior to the order processing by following the prompt in the email we send in connection with your subscription order or canceling through the Website. Failure to properly cancel on time may result in your order being processed though subsequent orders will be canceled if you opt-out. Even if you successfully terminate your subscription, if the effective date of termination is after an order has been processed, you will separately be required to cancel the processed order to avoid being charged. Processed orders may be canceled in accordance with the applicable Cancellation Policy that may be available in the footer of the Website. If you do not cancel processed orders on time, you may be charged for that order, however, subsequent orders associated with your subscription will terminate as a result of your cancellation and you may consult the refund and return policy for information on returning orders. You can reach us through the Contact Page for help with canceling your subscription.

Returns and Refunds

Orders purchased through the subscription program are subject to the applicable refund and return Policy that may be available in the footer of the Website.