How to apply Nippies - CLICK HERE for a PDF of actual sizes

Please use the enclosed ‘mini-Nippie’ patch test before wearing the Nippies. Place on your torso/chest area and wear for 6 hours to test for any adhesive sensitivities or reactions.

1 - Clean and dry skin
2 - Carefully peel off bottom half of the liner
3 - Place enclosed protective nipple pad on the Nippie center
4 - Stick the bottom half of the Nippie on the lower part of your breast
5 - Peel off the top half of liner
6 - Pull up and over the top of your nipple, gently pulling up for a little lift. Be careful not to stretch out the shape
7 - Press on

REMOVE very gently, be careful not to pull skin. DO NOT RIP OFF.

Nippies are sticky and are made to stay on through a night of dancing, sweating and whatever else. So wear for 6 to 8 hours max. We use the safest, hypo-allergenic medical adhesives on the market, but anyone can be sensitive to even the best medical adhesives and have irritations. If you have adhesive sensitivity, your skin may develop irritation, rashes or blisters. Darker pigmented skins may lighten or discolor when using adhesives.

DO NOT USE this product on sensitive skin, open cuts, skin disorders, sun-burned skin or if you have skin depigmentation, such as white patches or a family history of skin depigmentation. Discontinue use if you have irritation.

Limits of Liability: Bristols 6, Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of our products. Liability of Bristols 6, Inc. is exclusively for the replacement cost of our products.