Seriously though, Hem Tape can really make life easier... 

• Travel light and change the length on one pair of pants to transition from day to night.
• As the trends change, use Hem Tape to create a new look by cuffing and cropping.
• Shorten skirts and shorts.
• Low-maintenance guys can quickly and easily have a tailored look.
• Wear newly purchased jeans instantly without walking on too-long lengths.
• Hem thick wool trousers, linen pants, and usually stubborn fabrics.
• Make shorts ultra short without commiting to cutting.
• Keep cuffs in place for days, no need to re-roll.
• Close broken zippers, repair rips and seam splits.
• Saves money by making the same pair of jeans extremely versatile.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Hem tape is extremy durable, so it will last for days, until you remove it, or wash you jeans.

Q: Can I reuse the strips?
A: The strips come off without leaving behind any sticky residue, yet the hold might not be as strong.

Q: Does it work on just denim?
A: Hem tape is specially desinged to be strong enough to hem denim, so it easily works on other heavy fabrics, as well as lighter fabrics that also might need hemming.