How to use Hem Tape for Denim

Note: Pretest on unseen part of the garment 30 minutes before application to ensure garment will not be damaged by adhesive.

1 - Try on pants with shoes. Fold pants under to determine desired length. Pin in place.
2 - Remove pants and turn inside out.
3 - Peel away protective liner from only one side of the tape.
4 - Place the exposed adhesive on the inside of the original hem. If hem is thick or bumpy, place hem tape slightly above hem for better adhesion.
5 - Continue applying each strip, leaving one side of the liner in place, with no more than a 2” gap in between each strip.
6 - Rub lined tape firmly into fabric to create a bond.
7 - Once all pieces are in place, carefully remove the second liner and press fabric firmly together.
8 - Carefully remove pins, and turn pants right-side out.
9 - Remove tape before washing, cleaning or ironing garments.

Style Strips Per Leg
Skinny 2-3
Straight or bootcut 3-4
Flare or wide leg 4-5

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