Who knew a little button could help out so much?


• Use Adjust-A-Button on pants that have stretched out when traveling light.
• Great for vintage finds that have missing buttons.
• Save money and time by reusing the button instead of tailoring.
• Use on growing kids and hand me downs.
• Wear your favorite jeans further into your pregnancy, even when you are beginning to show.
• A must-have during the holiday season

 • Pin wayward jean jacket collars in place.
• Keep an extra Adjust-A-Button at the office in case a quick fix is needed.
Q: Is this permanent?
A: Nope. The Adjust-A-Button is made to reposition easily as needed and use over and over again.

Q: Do I need any tools?
A: All you need are you fingers! No sewing, ironing, hammering, or tailoring.

Q: Will it poke me in my stomach?
A: Absolutely not. There is a comfortable and strong flat back clasp that will stay on and feels just like your ordinary denim button.